Friday, November 24, 2017

Ep. 91: Dragon Sanctuary

Are you literally amazed by the fact that we're on our 91st episode? Too bad, because there's no such things as being "literally amazed." Still, we hope you join us as we discuss the transition between Halloween and Christmas, video game enemy design, and auxiliary music media for video games.  Stick around for a ad-lib repurposing of VGM and watch as the golf world keeps pulling Josh back in. Finally, we welcome a new staff member to the VGM JUKEBOX. We are thankful for you, dear patrons, so come on in!

(NOTE: This episode contains the MIXX QUIZXX Part 2, so stick around until the end to participate)

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Rocket Level Suddi Raval, Martin Goodall
NES Remix 2 Records Toshiyuki Sudo
Prey Experiments in Confusion (Main Menu Theme) Mick Gordon
Cave Story Scorching Back Daisuke Amaya
Comix Zone Episode 1, Page 2-1 (Feed My Disease) Howard Drossin
Jack Nicklaus Golf Track 4 Unknown

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. I guess that you guys haven't seen the Rugrats in Paris movie. I watched it several times when I was a kid! The movie revolves around the babies' trip to an amusement park, so it would make sense in the context of the game to revolve around that premise.
    I wonder if the composers got inspiration for that Rocket Level track from the scene near the film's climax where Chuckie and the babies take control of a giant Reptar robot running around Paris?

    The Bonus CD that came with Comix Zone is an EP that has arranged versions of the Genesis in-game music, performed by the band Roadkill (consisting of Howard Drossin and a few others and named after the protagonist, Sketch Turner's pet rat). I surmise that the in-game compositions came first and the arranged versions came afterwards.

    Feed My Disease (Arrange) - https://youtu.be/QGcE3E2LJNU
    Roadkill CD Information - http://vgmdb.net/album/7142

    Anyway, it's been an honor to help you guys out with the composer names! I'm flattered! Fun show as always!


  2. The Jack Nicklaus track totally reminded me of a smooth jazz version of the theme song to Simon & Simon: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IDhz_mVcVCQ

    It's ironic that you guys were talking about the fact that Thanksgiving has no music; I JUST watched episode 6 of the new Netflix MST3K, and the invention of the day was a turkey/theremin hybrid to remedy THAT EXACT ISSUE. And I can totally see how missing even one element of what I just wrote would make the whole thing unintelligible.

    1. Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie is the only Thanksgiving themed song (sort of) I can think of.

  3. Wow, I was wrong to say I don't like new songs, that NES Remix 2 track blew me away. Really great track!

    1. Thanks Kenny! Baby update: My 5-year-old and 3-year-old are currently in hour 12 of Chrono Trigger. We're about to get the Masamune from Mt. Denadoro. They're getting the SNES Classic for Christmas and I can't wait to get into Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Secret of Mana with them in our living room versus PC emulation at the desk. It's really rewarding for me to share with them the great music from these games, but also to see them get more comfortable being participants rather than spectators. I'm proud to see them developing the independence and confidence necessary to explore vast overworlds, boldly take on boss battles, and make strategic choices like healing heroes in crisis and conserving MP.

      Yes, I am reliving my childhood through my kids. But, I'm okay with that because I see my role as showing them these amazing games and letting them make the choice to go back to them if they want.

  4. Segue of the year "Speaking of tracks we play on this show, let's play another track on this show"

  5. How to get good at video games (Smash 4 edition): https://youtu.be/R4abHDra-MI

  6. Ep. 91 Toejam & Earl rap cassette? You mean this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qqEoQanpk7Q