Friday, November 10, 2017

Ep. 89: The Nightcrawler Mom

Josh and Emily are back at The Jukebox for discussions about milestones that our a couple of VGM podcasts are coming upon. They discuss renting videotapes and the existence of Blockbuster. Emily drops some knowledge about a small Alaskan town with only one tunnel into town, which has led its people to live more as one. Finally, Josh tries to elevate the human animal by telling a story about a chimpanzee he saw at the zoo. Oh, there's also a very good VGM Karaoke Rap on this one. AND ON THE LAST DAY, SOMEBODY INVENTED VGM, AND IT WAS GOOD!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Esper Dream 2 Book 2: Train Shigemasa Matsuo
NieR: Automata Birth of a Wish (This Cannot Continue) Keiichi Okabe, Keigo Hoashi
Pokémon Colosseum Ciper Lab Tsukasa Tawada
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Name Entry 2K2 Soshiro Hokkai, Michiru Yamane
X-Men Stage 2: Junk Factory Seiichi Fukami, Yuji Takenouchi, Junya Nakano, Ayako Hashimoto
Quattro Arcade: CJ's Elephant Antics Ending Theme Ashley Hogg, Gabin Raeburn (arr.)

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. I think the word you guys were looking for during that Pokemon Colosseum discussion is "HARMONICA".


  2. X-Men Arcade is a game I wish I had gotten back when it was released on the PlayStation Network back in 2010. I don't know why I held off on buying it, but when it came time for me to buy it, it was delisted from the store as the game's X-Men license lasped. If there was one regret as my time as a game collection, it would be that one.

    BTW, I think the names on the X-Men composers need fixing. It's Yuji Takenouchi and Ayako Nishigaki. Fukami and Nakano's names are correct. In fact, according to VGMdb, Seiichi Fukami is the composer of the "Junk Factory" piece.



    1. ^ONE MORE THING: I forgot to mention above, Ayako Nishigaki is also known as Ayako Hashimoto.

      Here's another source where I got the names from:


  3. I haven't listened to the new episode yet (I'll comment later). I just stopped by here to say, WHY ARE WE NOT ALL FREAKING OUT ABOUT HOW GOOD JOSH'S BAND IS?!?!

    I just started listening to them and can't believe I am only finding out about them now. They sound so good! Josh has mentioned a few times that he is in a band, but always in this quiet humble way that doesn't make it clear how hard they rock. I feel the need to jump up and down and scream and wave pom poms and point people to go listen to them, since Josh takes a very low key approach to self promotion. The band is called The Shade (and I think they are changing their name to The Shady Rivals). Their sound is basically the answer to the question, what if The Beattles were a '90s alternative rock band? They strike a brilliant balance between pop catchiness and solid musicianship, and it all really rocks.

    Check them out:



    1. Holy Carp, you're right! JOSH.....

    2. Thanks for checking it out you guys. And for the kind words. You are too cool.

    3. I meant to say that the band is like if the Beach Boys were a '90s alternative band, not The Beatles. Whatever. They're good. That's what is important.

    4. By the way, I totally Joshed out this week. I listened to all of the Sentinmental in San Gabriel VGM Karaokes on youtube (I think half the play counts are mine now). I listened to The Shade's "Spirit" album on repeat. I was also catching up on old LMH episodes, and heard the one where they first play the Pebble Beach track and joke about a radio station called The Wave 94.7, which Josh did the Do You Do karaoke to. Then I happened to hear the LMH episode where Josh writes in asking if seeing all the Capcom girls made Brent and Rob want to cry, and Rob gives him the moniker of Sentimental in San Gabriel. I went on a big Adachi binge this week. Maximum Josh.

    5. I approve of this behavior.

  4. Sweet Deep Dish Ferris Wheels, Chi Guy! That was beautiful. Squarely in early 90's territory. Chubb Rock and 3rd Bass mystically salute you! Kanye and Lupe Fiasco shed a single nostalgic tear. And from it, parallel parking vaccuum cleaners and sleeper cars blossom at the curbs of Windy City Sidewalks.

  5. Josh, in regards to the chimp using its finger as a lolipoop:

    You said, "No dog I've ever seen had, like, the sense of relish that that chimp had"......

    Perhaps the chimp had relish for breakfast.

  6. If you have two pokéballs to throw at a Pikachu, your probability of catching it is just slightly less than 2 in 100 (or 2%). It is actually:

    2/100 - 1/10,000 or 1.99%

    When you combine two probabilities (that are independent*) in this way, you add them together and then subtract their product; the 1/10,000 above comes from 1/100 times 1/100.

    In the case where you have a third pokéball, we need to combine the probability for two pokéballs (2/100 - 1/10,000) with the probability for one new pokéball (1/100) to catch the Pikachu. If we add them together and then subtract their product (and do a little bit of math stuff to simplify the result) we get:

    3/100 - 3/10,000 + 1/1,000,000 or 2.9701%

    With four balls we get:

    4/100 - 6/10,000 + 4/1,000,000 - 1/100,000,000 or 3.940399%

    As you can see, it gets progressively more complicated. How will we ever reach one hundred pokéballs? Luckily, there is a much easier way.

    Let’s flip the question around and ask, “what is the probability that Josh throws two pokéballs at a Pikachu and it escapes from both of them?”

    The probability that the Pikachu escapes from each individual pokéball is 99 in 100; and the probability that it escapes both is 99/100 times 99/100, also written as:

    (99/100) ^ 2

    This time we are combining probabilities in an “and”-sort-of-way: Pikachu escapes the first ball and escapes the second, whereas in the original question we were combining probabilities in an “or”-sort-of-way: whether you catch the pokémon with the first ball or the second ball, you catch it and get your dopamine rush. And when combining in the “and” way, you just multiply the probabilities together, that’s it.

    So Pikachu’s chance to escape three pokéballs is 99/100 times 99/100 times 99/100, or:

    (99/100) ^ 3

    And Pikachu’s chance to escape one hundred pokéballs is:

    (99/100) ^ 100 which Google tells me ≈ 37%

    And so, the probability that Josh catches the Pikachu with one hundred balls is the probability that it does not escape all one hundred, which is:

    100% - 37% which equals 63%

    It turns out that this is exactly an exponential function approaching an asymptote at 100%, so good intuition on Josh’s part.

    *’independent’ here just means that the probability of each throw being successful is the same; it stays 1 in 100 regardless of the result of previous throws, as Emily pointed out.

    (Apparently the capitalization of pokémon species names [as well as of the word ‘pokémon’ for that matter] is a contentious issue...)

    1. Now that I look at it, that comment ballooned out to a somewhat unreasonable length. Oops. I was just trying to explain it clearly.

    2. Yeah Spritz, this was awesome. I used to teach intro statistics and research methods, and was going to attempt an explanation, but this saved me a lot of time. Emily's right that any given throw still has a 1/100 chance, but the odds of missing hundreds of throws is rare. If I were still teaching, I would totally want to steal this example for teaching students about probability. Thanks for taking the time to spread the maths and science! :)

    3. Thank you for explaining this, the length was just right.

  7. REWIIIIINND!!! Chi Guy! Oh yeah! I had to scrub back the timeline on this episode a few times to hear that karaoke again (and again). Your rhyme flow here is like some mix of Young M.C.'s "Bust a Move" with Public Enemy's "Fight the Power". The triplets that Josh was mentioning particularly sound like how Chuck D from Public Enemy would use triplets, rather than the repetitive modern triplet flow of say someone like Migos. I also loved all the TMNT references, and am glad Emily highlighted them. I got some of them, but I know Key has that movie memorized from start to finish, which helped me catch some references I had forgotten. I was so delighted to find out you are a driving instructor because it gives the lyrics credibility and when you screamed "PUT ON YOUR TURN SIGNAL!!!" I felt like there was real weight behind that emotion, like you've experienced a million students screw that up. Haha.

    Esper Dream 2 is a great soundtrack. I love that VRC6 sound. Giving the Famicom that little bit of extra musical ability sounds so good to me because it still sounds like Nintendo music, but just a little bigger thanks to the extra channels and a little more full bodied with the sawtooth wave.

    Nier Automata and Pokemon Colloseum were both new tracks to me. Interesting selections. Nier was very dramatic and worldly, and Pokemon was tons of jazzy fun.

    More Castlevania this episode! I can never get enough of that spooky funk. Spritz has a voice that would make for an amazing evil villain. He could probably even play the role of either Dracula or Alucard.

    Oh man! I haven't heard that X-Men track since the arcade days. I'm imagining myself stopping to use the bathroom on a road trip and hearing some music coming out of the stall next door. As I step a little closer I can make out "e-e-e-e-X-MEN! GET IT!" and I'd be talking through the wall saying "An... Animite? Is that you?"

    CJs Elephant Antics was also new to me and has such a wonderfully rubbery beat! Though I can't stop hearing that rubbery squeak as a barking dog now that Emily described it that way.

  8. Yay my Nier Automata track came through. I think even Josh liked it!

    Amazing episode all around. And I got a chuckle out of two existential topics coming up later after my Automata pick, haha. Love you guys.

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  11. HOLY MACKEREL, Spritz! I remember hearing this Harmony of Dissonance track, but THAT IS SO INSANE. . . .

    So back in the mid-80’s, the Oregon Zoo(known then as the Washington Park Zoo) only had double glass separating the chimpanzee exhibit from zoo patrons. My mom is the reason that changed. One particular zoo visit, she expressed her love of communicating with animals by mimicking a male chimpanzee. He sat far back in the pen, perched on a platform about seven feet in the air. He stood up, and peered back at her with a look of indignant disbelief. She kept making chimp gestures, thinking it hilarious that she was getting such a reaction. He craned his neck forward, as if trying to get a clearer view of her actions. She leaned forward at him, putting her face close to the glass. Immediately, he swung down from his perch toward her, and WHAM! He punched the glass full force, right where her face was. She screamed and jumped back, and the inside layer of glass shattered where he had hit it. We immediately got away from the pen and told the nearest staff member what had transpired. Apparently, my mom has completely missed the large sign that warned zoo goers not to mimic chimps, since it is seen as a sign of aggression. The next time we felt brave enough to visit the primates again, they had completely redesigned the exhibits so there was a large gap between the chimpanzees and people.

    I had forgotten about the Spree story! I’m glad that the candy caused pleasurable damage to the roof of your mouth. Also Chi Guy, your Karaoke is so awesome and it belongs at the VGM Karaoke Lounge. I don’t know if you ever peruse these pages anymore, but PLEASE consider sending JT this VGMK.