Friday, November 3, 2017

Ep. 88: Babies Get the Bubble

Josh and Emily start this episode off with a brand new segment, which has yet to be named. As they read your testimonials and listen to your recommendations, they find themselves inspired to converse about in-game nostalgia, brain-spas, sitting indian style in the middle of the playground, and that's just over the first two tracks. Emily tries to imagine the future of gaming, and whether or not she will be able to beat her grandchildren at video games. Of course, we can't tell the future, but we can sure speculate! That's just one of the things we do at the here at the VGM Jukebox!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Chrono Trigger To Far Away Times Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu
Castle of Dr. Brain Intro Mark Seibert, Ken Allen
Out of This World Intro Jean-François Freitas, Charles Deenen (arr.)
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Bloodlines Akira Souji, Keizo Nakamura, Tomoko Sano, Mikio Saito
Secret of Mana The Second Truth From the Left Hiroki Kikuta
Jack Nicklaus Golf Main Menu Unknown

...and listeners like YOU.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, "Blood Relations"
Castlevania 64, "Divine Bloodlines"


  1. That Out Of This World track was actually composed by Jean-François Freitas. Charles Deenen only did the SNES arrangement.


  2. Keyglyph let me know that Daniel had requested the lyrics to my karaoke on the Facebook page. Since I don't have a Facebook account, I am posting them here:

    Stretch and yawn, I wake up Friday morning
    Check my phone, I see new episodes waiting for me
    This is the greatest part of my whole week when I put my headphones on
    and turn on the VGM Jukebox

    Keygerlyph! Johsh! Hajuu!

    I'm turning it up, I'm listening to my favorite show, VGMJB and
    There's Keyglyph and Josh there to have a good time with you
    And we're living it up, and listening to our favorite tunes from the greatest games
    while we share personal testimonials, oh yeah

    There's Nathan Daniels and Chi Guy too,
    and The Messenger, Electric Boogaloo.
    and Magic Baloney, and Bogus Meat Factory, Alien Jesus, and Spritz, Zach!
    Justapunk, Nick, The Diad, and of course Pixeltunes Ed,

    You all mean so much
    You all mean so much to me, and you always will, oh yeah

    I also added the MP3 to my SoundCloud:

    1. Thanks for the mention there JT!


    2. what an honor--a most excellent vgm karaoke!

  3. Of course! I just feel bad that I didn't get more names in there. I especially wish that some of the people who inspired me with their vgm karaokes to try a karaoke of my own (people like Animite, Wicked Sepharoth, Mixxmaster to name a few). When I wrote the lyrics, I made this big list of names, and then fit people in where the syllables and accents made the most sense given the melody, but was really sad so many names were left out. I really do love all patrons! We have such a great mini-community.

    1. I'm sure the other patrons will appreciate it nonetheless!


  4. A possible solution for a way to display the VGM karaoke might be to disclose a login and password to the patrons who sent them in--and have them upload the tracks themselves to a soundcloud or bandcamp.com

  5. This was a great episode. I find I often have that thought these days, but let’s just say I think I sense a particularly long comment coming on.

    Clock ticks in VGM always induce a little shiver of delight in me.

    Castle of Doctor Brain is certainly a source of ~nostalgia.~ I believe it had a copy-protection puzzle near the beginning -- that is, a puzzle you need to refer to the manual to solve.

    But anyway... I think the Baby Spritz was more creative than I even if he lacked any other cognitive advantages. And I have heard, though I cannot say if it is true, that children are much better than adults at solving this riddle:
    The poor have it, the rich need it, if you eat it you’ll die. It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. What is it?

    I enjoyed the buildup at the end of Out of This World’s Intro; and I was very pleased to learn that the SNES had to turn it’s will inward and power up to be able to produce it. “Dynamically alter our memory” is a powerful clause.

    Rondo: n. a musical form with a recurring leading theme.
    There have been quite a few rearrangings of VGM tracks recently: Royal Crypt from Minish Cap, Super Mario Land 2 in the way it played with it’s leading theme, Pac-In-Time -- I’m still excited about that soundtrack’s foundation in a 37-year-old (14 year-old) jingle -- and, of course, Bloodlines, Richter Belmont’s theme.
    Marshe, I like how selective you were with your suggestions: there have been other uses, ports, and callbacks to that theme, but only the ones you chose were re-imaginings of it -- they tell a story in and of themselves. I think that Castlevania is fertile ground for interesting ReGM. And that we may be kindred spirits.

    Joey’s testimony over Secret of Mana was genuinely moving. Thank you for sharing it.

    Jack Nicklaus Golf. I kind of get what Josh was saying about the track not being impressive, but it is growing on me. It could be that the rest of the episode is infusing into that track, but I am finding a lot of emotion in it. Or perhaps I should say a lot of emotions: there is a mixture and a progression of emotions packed into its short duration.

    And JT. I am not sure I can even express how awesome it is to listen to listen to that karaoke, so I am going to make a right turn and compliment your choice of track: U.N. Squadron has an exceptional score with pieces that just cry out to be sung. Particularly lyric-full in my opinion are the leading theme from stage one and, of course, Staff Roll.

    “You all mean so much
    You all mean so much to me, and you always will, oh yeah”

    1. I also did the extra credit homework for Castlevania themes, and agree with Spritz that it was an interesting reimagining of the theme in the two other games mentioned. Speaking of shifting Castlevania themes, I was just listening to the OST for a famicom game called Cosmic Wars, and the first track on the nsf is a pretty dramatic reimagining of a classic Castlevania track. The whole ost is worth listening to. It was done in the later years, when Konami had a lot of famicom tricks up their sleeve, so the sound design is superb.

      And Spritz, I looooooove the UN Squadron soundtrack! My favorites are The Minks and Enemy Airforce. The Staff Roll, however, really called to me to sing along. The game is also great. It is my favorite shmup on the SNES, and possibly of all time. It gets really hard though. I've only heard that Staff Roll in-game a handful of times.

  6. That karaoke track made me emotional. Very well done, JT.

    1. Thanks. I'm giving a big bear hug to all the patrons. Get in here Calvin! Come on, don't be shy. Squueeeeeezze!

  7. Oooo thank you Emily & Josh 🙏
    I didn’t notice this song was previously played until after my second submission.
    I haven’t requested any songs in a while but I will be back soon ~
    Yes I think I must learn to except other peoples truth and learn not to convince them that my truth is THE truth

  8. Thanks for sharing this blog its very informative and useful for us.


  9. Regarding older people having trouble with new controls, the conversation reminds me of when I first experienced Super Mario 64. I bought the N64 and Mario 64 when it came out, and played it to total completion.

    A few years later, I visited some young nephews and nieces who had Mario 64. I got them to put it in, so I could impress them with my superior skills. Not only were not impressed, these 6-year-olds played the game at least as well as I did, but they manipulated those controllers with utter confidence and ease.

    Also, I didn’t comment on JT’s Karaoke initially because I secretly took great pleasure in the fact that JT put my name in there first, and the fact that I took such great pleasure in such a thing made me pretty uncomfortable. Now that I’ve had some space, I gotta say.....great job, JT. That was a banging VGMK, and you really sang your guts out.