Friday, September 1, 2017

Ep. 80: Churning Out Narratives

Something about the number eighty gets Josh and Emily in a reflective mood, so get comfy in your favorite chair and ponder on the path of totality, Ric Flair's career, and just how many narratives VGMJB has churned out. This week's patron recommendations help us all see the world through layers of imagination, and then the haunted jukebox closes the set with another randomized winner. And speaking of winners, YOU could be the lucky recipient of our extra copy of Sword & Sworcery! Just listen to the episode and challenge yourself with the Mixx Quizx. Rules and instructions are contained within, so listen -- and win!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Dual Battle Yoshiaki Fujisawa
Fez Adventure Disasterpeace
Myst Online: URU Live Gallery Theme Robyn Miller
Street Fighter Alpha Dan's Theme Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto, Yuko Takehara, Naoaki Iwami, Naoshi Mizuta
The Sims Neighborhood 2 Jerry Martin
Ashita no Joe Shohei Inagaki Wave Corp. Sound Team

...and listeners like YOU.

Extra credit: Watch Ric Flair get teary as he discusses the close of his career.


  1. I am absolutely down to hang out with Emily and Bogus in URU. Let's hash out a meetup!

    1. Yes! We have ONE! Mission Accomplished! First things first, you can download the game and make an account in the following link! http://mystonline.com/en/play/ I will send more info privately!

  2. . . . ❤️!
    So excited my track was played!
    Left work late and had to go in early next morning... made my day / week / life so much better when I heard this episode driving to work!!!

  3. Wow, I forgot I recommended that track! I stand by what I said, that tune is a stone cold jam. So yeah, key members of the dev team for the original crapfest that is Street Fighter (1987), director Takashi Nishiyama and designer Hiroshi Matsumoto left Capcom and joined SNK in 1988. They both would go on to create Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting while at SNK. Both FF and AoF bear similarities to the original SF: Both games are more single player oriented, you can only play as a couple characters, special moves are tricky to pull off but do DEVASTATING damage, there's not much in the way of move cancels or combos. In a way, they are kind of more fully realized versions of the original SF with more focused stories and world building. The character Ryo from AoF is basically an amalgamation of SF's Ryu and Ken. Whether or not SNK actually head-hunted the team is up for debate, but I think there's more than enough evidence to prove it.

    One thing to note about Dan's theme, it was composed by Naoshi "Groovy" Mizuta who also composed the Credits themes and arranged Chun-Li & Ken's themes for Street Fighter Alpha. They're all pretty "groovy" tunes, well worth a listen! He also worked on Rockman & Forte's excellent jazzy Intro Stage theme and a couple other tracks like the chill Astro Man Stage and the upbeat Credits theme. In fact, you guys have played a track by him before! Along with Masashi Kimura, he arranged "Bluesy Chocobo" from Lightening Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He’s actually been pretty involved with a lot of the more modern Final Fantasy games. I guess Yoko Shimomura wasn't the only Capcom composer the jump ship and work for Square!

    1. It also kinda goes full circle later on when Nishiyama and Matsumoto left SNK to start Dimps who then co-developed Street Fighter IV and V! I could imagine some elements of Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting ended back up in Street Fighter!