Friday, September 29, 2017

Ep. 83: Leveling Down

Through the magic of level select screens, Emily has once again joined Josh in L.A. So join us in Josh's living room (if you can open up the appropriate dialog chain) to join us for discussions of faux-American accents, the size of the sky, glass elevators, and more. Then join us for a return from the BABY KEY followed by a gift exchange and answers to the Mixxmaster Quiz. So. What are you waiting for? Roll down those windows and feel the healing properties of this episode!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Racing Lagoon Quiet Storm Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi
Divine SealingTitle, Boss EncounterStudio Fazzy
Loco Roco  Loco Roco Theme (Yellow's Version) Nobukyuki Shimizu, Kenmei Adachi
Daytona USALet's Go Away Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
Dynamite DuxAlmost ChicagoHiroshi Kawaguchi
Sonic 2 Death Egg ZoneMasato Nakamura

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. PSX refers to two things:

    1. The code name and aborted alternate brand name for the original PlayStation/PSone. It stood for PlayStation Experimental and was meant to echo the MSX home computer standard from the 1980s.

    Sony was planning to call it the PSX in the US after negative focus group feedback on the "PlayStation" name. Thankfully, this name change never came to fruition. However, magazines and other media still unofficially referred it as PSX during it's lifespan.

    (Racing Lagoon is a PSone game)

    2. A Japan-only variant of the PlayStation 2 released in 2003 that adds DVR functionality. It also marked the debut of the XrossMediaBar interface used on the PSP and PS3. It was a commercial failure.

    More info on the PSX DVR here:


  2. To answer your question about Locoroco, they're singing in a fictional language made-up by the designer of the game. They did it because the designer thought that foreigners wouldn't understand Japanese lyrics and also to make the game more unique.

    The characters of the two Gravity Rush games also use it's own fictional made-up language in order for gain mass broad appeal.



  3. Fantastic ep. you two--so glad you could record it together, spatially! And those patron defense radio programs, can't wait!

    [ & I'm totally looking forward to the special surprise you've got for us! ]

  4. I laughed VERY LOUDLY while Josh was introducing Daytona USA.

  5. Special Surprise Prediction: Josh and Emily will be guests on the next episode of Legacy Music Hour.

  6. Josh’s American – style Japanese voice totally reminds me of Tokyo Tribe. Hilarious!

    Karl Marx may have had Some valid critiques of capitalism, and perhaps his statement about monarchies carries truth in a general sense, but let’s not forget the that both the French and Russian Revolutions were direct reactions against perceived monarchical indifference.

    Additionally, every pure socialist experiment of the 20th century included mass murder and severe oppression of the people. The only successful “socialist“ governments (in the Scandinavian countries) aren’t really socialist at all, but rather a socialist-Capitalist hybrid. Marx might have had some brilliant theories, but unfortunately they didn't account for human fallibility. Humanism in general suffers from the same fatal flaw: that it involves humans.

    The only successful socialist experiments of which I’m aware are monasteries, and a chief component of their operation is that communism/socialism is a means to achieve a greater end, not the end itself.

    Oh, and the episode was great fun, too. It was really cool to hear you two record together. I hope there is more of that in the future. I also really like the idea of defending one’s dissertation as a playlist....but it makes me wonder: what do y’all think my major would be?

    1. Just to clarify, Marx wasn't in love with monarchies (and I don't think he would go on record to say they stack up favorably to capitalistic societies), he was just commenting on the fact that the sense of mutual responsibility was there, at least in legacy or in theory. By the way, I only remember this detail from some audio lecture series I was listening to, and I don't even remember what THAT was called so... bad citations.

    2. Based on your credits, UtopiaNemo -- as well as my gut understanding of you as a university advisor -- I feel that your major is actually a wide survey of technically dense and complicated FM Synthesis compositions across several platforms: PC-88, Genesis, Arcade.

    3. I wonder what major would I be in?


    4. Electricboogaloo, I think you actually work in the university library or archives, so your major is Video Game Music Library Information Science (VGMLIS). Your dissertation was most likely an examination of a particular composer's or company's work spread across many, many aliases, or a proof that several composers were actually one person.

    5. Also, monasteries are a socialist system participation in which is completely voluntary.

    6. Good point! At least, they mostly are now....Historically it was a different story, at least in places.

  7. I didn't even realize that there was an FM synth version of Almost Chicago. I just sent in the PSG version because I figured that it was the right blood type. :)

    But after hearing the FM synth version I actually like it a little better, just because it is in a better sounding key. I don't know why it was transposed, but it gives the track more of that sad bluesy feeling that drew me to it originally.