Friday, September 8, 2017

Ep. 81: Fishing for Birds

Welcome Josh's new microphone in another assignment-driven episode, where Josh & Emily take submissions for the assignment regarding "layers of imagination." The hosts then ask and answer a bunch of weird questions like what if games were made by fish? Finally, we introduce our latest patron, The Baby Key who has sent us testimonials about her videogamic journeys. Get ready for a scenic view of our hosts brains (but don't fall into a coma!) on this installment of The VGM Jukebox.

P.S. We are replaying the Mixx Quiz, so get those pencils ready!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Cave Story Moonsong Daisuke Amaya
Super Mario World Wandering the Plains (Donut Plains) Koji Kondo
Blackthorne Cut Scenes Glenn Stafford
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Song 3 Unknown
The Blue Marlin Marlin Fight Michiya Hirasawa
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure The Forest Shinji Tasaka, Hideto Inoue, Tsuyoshi Sekito

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. “A state of heightened reality in which a fresh coat of imagination covers everything.”

    Moonsong put me right back there in Cave Story making that solitary Ascent.

    The ensuing discussion, and of course the title, conjured up The Moon Theme.

    The moon appears giant when it’s near the horizon; it can be quite beautiful. The space between your eyes is not great enough to perceive how distant the moon is -- your mind has to guess.

    Reality is a fresh coat of imagination. But don’t take me seriously, I’m a bit loony.

    The Mushroom Kingdom is a bit like the world in that we sometimes get so used to it that we forget how strange it is.

    I enjoyed the density of mood changes in the Blackthorne track. I also enjoyed learning that Blackthorne exists; it’s interesting to know what Blizzard was up to before it became the Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo company.

    3. Fishing games as an area of study gives me a thought...

    2. The idea of the Ikaruga ship turning upside down to switch colour cracks me up.

    1. And we definitely need to keep hearing from The Baby Key.

  2. Paragon 5 is credited for sound in Atlantis for Game Boy Color and likely composed the track!


    1. So the weird thing about this is that Paragon 5 is the name of a Game Boy Color tracking program, named after the company that developed it. While I was researching this I felt it was shaky enough ground that I couldn't be sure Paragon 5 *the company* actually composed the music, despite the listing in those credits.

      Maybe I'll reach out to Jake Kaufman sometime; he used this tracker, so maybe he has some clues.

    2. I see. It is odd that there isn't a composer listed here (maybe it's one of the programmers?) Anyway, I hope we figure out who it is at some point.


    3. Or it could be either Kaufman or a Paragon 5 employee (maybe someone who worked on Project S-11?) Maybe that might help!


  3. http://www.mobygames.com/game/gameboy-advance/disneys-atlantis-the-lost-empire/credits


    1. Whoops! Posted the wrong link! This is the right one!


      Sorry about that!

  4. The name "Fishing for Birds" reminds me of a bit in the game Mother 3, where your party is stuck in Saturn Valley due to a landslide, and the solution to the problem, of course, is to catch birds in a bird cage and hang on to it as they fly you away. The silly aliens known as Mr. Saturns call this fishing for birdies.

    Also related to fishing, but not to my other comment - I also get my fishing line stuck in trees on occasion. One time I was fishing on a river and cast my line onto a tree branch on the other side of the river. Great job, me.

  5. I was really happy to hear Josh mention Sengoku. I hadn't thought about that game in quite awhile. While the gameplay was pretty standard beat 'em up gameplay, the weird vibe of transferring in and out of the spirit world really gave this game a unique feel.

    It was also a simple joy to hear the ancient recorded ramblings of baby key. I also talked incessantly about videogames as a kid and now appreciate the people who tolerated that from baby JT. I remember some of my friends at school once had to have an makeshift ifntervention to tell me that I needed to sometimes talk about something else besides videogames. I had a bad habit of turning any conversation back to video games. In retrospect, it was kind of cute that these pre-teen boys all gathered round to semi-formally discuss our relationship.

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  7. I used to get migraines periodically, although they were nowhere near as debilitating as my dad’s or brother’s. In contrast to Emily’s migraines, which rarely included visual auras, mine almost always began with an aura. It became a warning sign: when I first detected clusters of my optic nerves shutting down(noticeable because of the weird visual distortion that occurs when the brain tries to fill in the lack of visible information in those voids), I knew that a crushing headache was to follow. Luckily for me, if I could get my hands on some Advil as soon as I noticed the auras, I could usually sidestep the headache altogether.

    Emily, I discovered the Tiny Toons OST after your testimonial on this episode, when I listened to all the Genesis/Mega Drive OSTs last year. You’re right, the sound signature on this one is very unique. While the silly nature of the compositions make this a soundtrack I wouldn’t listen to often, I really feel that this is one of the cleanest and most sophisticated ‘soundfonts’ on the Genesis, certainly so amongst all the Konami Genesis titles.