Thursday, August 24, 2017

KFWY 2: End of Summer Countdown

What's that on your dial? Oh, it's that weird station you only get when driving between Mute City and Emerald Hill Zone -- and it sounds like they're doing a countdown of the greatest golf hits of all time! Wait, just who is making these lists anyways? The host claims these are the most requested songs, so I guess there's no one to blame except the citizens of... wherever you are.

No spoilers here! You'll have to stay tuned for the list.

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  1. Hole-in-one! Great music, and that last ad was hilarious. Reminded me of something I'd hear on PTR.

    1. "Come on down to Snake's. Just look for a man down in the bushes by the pro shop."


      I also liked:

      "Lee Travino boxing gloves. Available anywhere golf supplies are sold."

      and in response to chatbot gibberish... "to answer your question..." hahaha

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This episode came in well under par. Professor Josh, it was a pleasure to hear a true scholar of the golfic arts such as yourself lead us through the top 10 swings and hits of the fairway. Look out! This episode's a hot one! Fore!

  3. Thanks for listening guys. I'm real proud of this one and it is the culmination of my golf music studies. Everyone who listens now has a certificate.