Friday, August 11, 2017

Ep. 78: Weird in a Bad Way

Welcome back, dear patron, to the VGM Jukebox: a place where your hosts actively seek the life that your participation gives. Migraines and broken tibias are firmly in place for this episode, so it's fortunate that we received donations from a variety of systems, suitable for several VGM bloodtypes. The tracks and testimonials are so successful at giving life to your hosts that they get into the same goofy chatter you can expect as they answer questions like, why the Seventies make Emily queasy, what if Sega made your house, and why supermarkets play such sad music. Also, the bar band learns a new song! You're coming in, right? You can let the door swing shut, it's cool.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Tower of Heaven Lunar Ascension  Flashy Goodness
Final Fantasy V Clash on the Big Bridge Nobu Uematsu
Sonic the Hedgehog Scrap Brain Zone Yuzo Koshiro
Treasure of the Rudas Crime of the Heart Ryuji Sasai
Metroid Fusion Vs. Serris Minako Hamano, Akira Fujiwara
Out of Bounds Golf Beach CourseMasaya Sound Team

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. I was having a tough time finding the composer of the last game, could not find a credit sequence anywhere. The actual title of the golf game is actually "Golf Daisuki! O.B. Club" or "I Love Golf! Out of Bounds Club"

    Also, I found a Wikipedia article on Muzak! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muzak

    And some YouTube videos of background music systems:


  2. I've submitted about 30 tracks which have not yet been played on the show. Not sure what the total is, but I'm definitely slowing down.

    Josh, I'm going to give you a Sw&Sw TIP. No secrets, just a game mechanic you may be missing. You can look at the book your character carries in Sword & Sworcery, and it will tell you when the next moon phase comes, i.e. the day when you should play next. You can also "cheat" by finding the Moon Grotto and temporarily changing the moon in the game, but you have to get into the dream world quickly or it changes back.

    Incidentally, you can also cheat by changing the calendar in your iPhone, but the game can tell if you did that and it punishes you somehow.

    I hope this just classifies as a tip, and not giving anything away.

  3. I had the power base converted back in the day, but I rarely used it because I also had a Master System. Incidentally, I wouldn't call it the "Western" or "North American" design....that black and red design was actually released in Japan after Sega phased out the Mark III, kind of like how Transformers were re-released in Japan years later once they had been appropriated by Hasbro and given a cohesive storyline.


    I personally liked the look of the Master System, although it reminds me of a vcr. I have so many memories of it; it was the first new system we owned, and marked the beginning of a long history as a Segaphile.

  4. So, I have caught Josh’s interest in the Game Boy sound inside GBA sound; that ESPN Final Round Golf track a few episodes back was really something.

    In Vs. Serris, the high, kind of spritzy notes are Game Boy channels; the rest is sampled.

    For those who are curious, I’m using an audio player called foobar2000 with a plugin called viogsf to play GBA sound files and separate the channels.

    I find that PSGs, the Game Boy sound chip included, sound really raw and real. It is especially true juxtaposed with the often quite compressed samples the GBA plays. The contrast is interesting.

  5. Hello there! Who is intrested in Metroid? I found a good version of https://romsmania.com/emulators/gameboy-advance gba emulator for windows. I like to play on it, since my childhood. Yeah, today will be looong night XD

  6. By the by, my oldest daughter was in the car while I was re-listening to this episode, and she went NUTS over Lunar Ascension. She’s been asking to hear that song non-stop since yesterday. I haven’t told her yet, but I just bought the album off of Bandcamp. It’s really good.