Friday, April 27, 2018

Thesis Defense: KFFX with Wicked Sephiroth

ATTENTION STUDENTS AND FACULTY: We hope you remembered to bring a sack lunch to the auditorium today, because we're going on a field trip! This month Wicked Sephiroth is presenting his thesis on the music of Final Fantasy, and he's decided to take a more peripatetic approach to teaching. That's right: We're going on a chronological trek through tunes from nearly twenty different Final Fantasy games. We'll be visiting overworlds, underworlds, battlefields, kingdoms, islands... the whole works. Wicked Sephiroth's educational philosophy also lets the landscapes do all the talking here, so saddle up on a chocobo (provided by the University at no extra gil), soak in the scenery, and ponder inwardly on the auditory evolution of this classic series. Kweh kweh!

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  1. Well played, Wicked Sephiroth! You have earned your namesake. That was one heck of a journey. Excellent selections, and such variation! Made my Friday!

  2. Fantastic work. This mix was a journey. Each new track felt like it belonged in that spot as the overall mix took me up, down, over, under, inside, outside, and through the Final Fantasy universe. Great track selection and great overall flow. This will become my go-to mix for whenever I feel in the mood for Final Fantasy music.

  3. This is a great mix! The FF music has always been close to my heart and This will definitely become a standard playlist while I'm in the studio. Great work!

  4. Wow, Wicked Sephiroth! Your dissertation gets even better with age. The vocals, which I must not have realized were intelligible the first time around, are pretty heavy.

    At one point she sings, “Tell us why, given life, we were meant to die”.