Friday, April 20, 2018

Ep. 106: The Light of a Different Sun

How do you become a good person? No, not in real life-- in video games of course! Join us for a very important discussion of unnecessarily ethical choices that Josh & Emily have been making in their current games. They also talk about the freedom of video game composers, simulations of simulations, and Pokemon. Yes, unfortunately, they talk a lot about those things of which all must be caught... but they also play some great tunes recommended by you, THE PATRONS. We are closing out the zone this week, which means we're finally about to find out what these Pointless Jewels really do. So don't just sit on the edge of your seat, add this episode of the VGM JUKEBOX to your collection today!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Pokémon Trading Card Game Club Master Duel Ichiro Shimakura
Monster Hunter Main Theme Masato Kouda, Tetsuya Shibata
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor System [MENU] Kazuo Hanzawa
Skullmonkeys The Lil Bonus Room Terry Scott Taylor

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  1. AlienJesus, that Pokémon song is so good! Thank you for sharing. I am about Josh’s age, and I had no interest in Pokémon. My kids now play, so I have begrudgingly allowed it into my sphere of awareness, but that’s about it. But I happily allow this track into that special place where I keep all things that are good.

    Josh and Emily, I found your dialogue about ethical choices in games very interesting. For some strange reason, it reminds me of a very good comic from the 80’s and 90’s called Nexus. The eponymous main character was given super powers by an alien demigod, and charged with hunting down and executing mass murderers. His targets are revealed to him through dreams in which he lives out the deaths of the murderers’ victims. If he resists his duties, the creature that selected him punishes him with agonizing headaches and haunts him in his dreams.

    Sounds cheery, no? Nexus is conflicted, because some of his targets were either cogs in a giant machine who were only following orders(Despotic dictatorships are a common theme), or even worse, possessed at the time of their crimes but have no knowledge that they even occurred. In a sort of penance for his own deeds(his first target was his own father), he opens the isolated planet on which he lives to refugees and victims of those whom he has executed.

    This all sounds pretty bleak, but it’s a well-told story with many moments of beauty. In any case, I’m going to stop here. I broke my earbuds before the end of the episode. This is going to be a long day.......

  2. OMG, I love that Skullmonkeys track! It was an Ed-pick back on PixelTunes 76, and then that "It's a Secret" song (Emphasis on Scat) was played shortly afterwards on Episode 81. It's from the game Battleblock Theater... Emily said Boom Blocks, which was sooooo close! :)