Friday, April 13, 2018

Ep 105: Carousel Elements

We're back in the dungeon! I think... Or some kind of sweet prison? Join us as we do some more collecting in the Pointless Jewel Zone. We'll hear about Emily's new digs, Josh's favorite new podcast, and the end of our podcast in July. How was that for a segue? Yes, this is sad news, but, we're not finished yet, and as happily often happens, we get some great contributions from our patrons: a banjo rendition of Big Event Golf from Bad Dude Shane, and a VGM Karaoke from ZaCH! You have made this podcast a reality and our hearts are forever changed, so come on in and get comfy again in this episode of the VGM JUKEBOX!

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Aero the Acro-Bat 2 Introduction (Part 2) ~ Act Clear ~ Performer’s Dungeon (Act 2) Rick Fox

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  1. Wow. Well, I’m glad you told us about The End during the cotton candy track, because I don’t know how I would have been able to cope had you guys dropped the bomb during the Aero track. Maybe more on that news later.

    It’s funny you mentioned electricboogaloo’s encyclopedic knowledge; just last night he was mentioning something obscure off the top of his head, and I asked him, “Do you know All Things, or are you just really good with Google?”

    He laughed and said he didn’t know why all of a sudden he’d developed a reputation for being knowledgeable. I replied that his reputation had merely caught up with him.

    ZaCH and Bad Dude Shane, your contributions to today’s episode were both kick-ass and poignant. I’ve got to go back to work now, but I’ll be thinking about both of them today, in concert with what The End means to me.

  2. My heart sank when I heard the news about The End. It is still months away, but it's nice to be able to begin the mourning process now. I keep running through the different stages of grief in my mind. But I just have to be thankful to have been part of the experience and community. So much amazing stuff has come out of this project. I know that even though the podcast won't be coming out regularly, there is still a place for all of us at the bar.
    Thank you Emily and Josh. You mean so much to me, and you always will.

  3. Really sad to hear that the podcast will be ending. At least you guys will be going out on a high and not a slow fade out. Thanks for all of the fun and inspiration up to now and best of luck in the future.

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  5. Very sad news indeed, but let the winds of life take you where they flow. This was one of my first podcasts when I really got into them around the time you guys started and I began a new job. It's been a fun journey and every episode was so fresh and creative, unlike many other pods. This show became one of my favorite parts of my early Saturday morning shifts. Thank you for the fun podcast and memories.

  6. I've been meaning to comment on the sad news about the show ending, but am just so sad about it, that it has mostly struck me mute. I love the Jukebox Bar and don't want to have go through that sad moment where you guys turn off the house lights to the bar for the last time. Since I found out, I've been thinking back on all the good times. I'm really grateful for having had all these experiences, and I'm glad there are so many past episodes to time travel back to. It's still not going to be the same though when I wake up Friday morning, stretch and yawn, and check my phone for a new episode.

    You guys will be deeply missed. And by "you guys" I of course mean Josh and Key, but I also mean the rest of this great community we have developed around this show. I hope to still see you guys over in the comment sections for Legacy Music Hour, The Diad Presents, or Retro Game Audio which are my other primary VGM podcasts. There are also podcasts by fellow patrons here such as St. John's Nerd Noise Radio, Mike and Ed's Pixel Tunes Radio, and Rob and Pernell's Rhythm & Pixels.
    Pixelated Audio and Forever Sound Version are also notable. Fellow patrons, stick together. :)

    Beyond the sad news, however, there are some cherishable moments within this very episode. Bad Dude Shane's banjo cover of Big Event Golf is just fantastic. I've listened to it a ton of times now. Also, ZaCH's karaoke is just wonderful and I'm hoping, ZaCH!, that you will send it to me for the karaoke lounge! nudge nudge, wink wink. PRETTY PLEASE! :D

    1. Wow! Thank you very, VERY much for the shout-out JT! That's awesome! :-)

      Speaking of awesome, yeah, this whole community is awesome as well! There's a community on Facebook that many of us have rallied around called "VGM Podcast Fans" that is a really excellent place to hang out! Alex "The Messenger" (or "Messengersan" as I routinely call him) runs a really great ship over there. If any of you within [digital] "earshot" of the "sound" of my [digital] "voice" have not checked that group out yet, please do so! Posthaste!

      The banjo cover was really bittersweet for me in the context of the episode, as it was light and fun and happy, but in the context of the shut-down notice almost felt like those moments where you're looking back on someone who's recently died and all those happy memories suddenly have that "hazy sunlight halo" around them in your mind, which adds more impact and magic and "specialness" to the moment than it originally had. Now, I know that Josh and Emily aren't actually dying, nor are they even leaving the scene entirely, but in the context of it all, that wonderfully happy banjo music was my "hazy sunlight halo". So, again, really bittersweet!

      In any case, thanks again for the shout-out JT! It's a pleasure to be a part of a scene that we all hold so dear!


  7. Okay, wow. I forgot this was the episode that announced the winding down of the show.

    I feel like I can comment on the other elements of the episode, now that everything has transpired. First off, Josh was right on when he mentioned Birdy King 3 as being unique for having percussion in its music at that time(‘83). It didn’t sound correct to me, but when I looked it up, there were very few games with percussion at that point.

    The first example I know of is Snafu for the Intellivision in ‘81(thanks to Pixelated Audio for bringing it up in their recent talk at the Library of Congress). Sega did it with Super Locomotive in ‘82 (doing a chip cover of YMO’s Rydeen), and Gyruss did it way better than Birdy King 3 in ‘83. But the point is, percussion in game music was very rare in those early days.

    Kids’ record players were widely available well into the mid-80’s. I had a few.