Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thesis Defense: KTUF with Bruce Irons of the Mad Gear

'Tis the season to get pumped full of Irons... Bruce Irons that is. He has submitted his thesis for a master's degree in the most brutal tunes this side of being dead. It doesn't get any tougher than this. Strap in, get a medic on standby and get ready... for... KTUF!!!!

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Play the Mad Gear: Go Right and Fight (featuring Emily's voice talents):


  1. KTUF is my favorite radio station to listen to while driving a bus over 50 mph to prevent a bomb from exploding.

  2. A few of my absolute favorite tracks recrossed my path here.
    U.S.S. Unkmy Battleship, Final from Dragon's Earth; anything from U.N. Squadron is a track I want to hear.

    Must be a tough guy.

    1. Must be. USS Unkmy is the toughest ship on the Atlantic, no doubt.

  3. Amazing mix! Clearly you deserve your doctorate in VGM metal, with honors.