Friday, December 22, 2017

Ep. 94: Snow Day Spectacular II

You know how this works, right? Well, when it snows, Emily and Josh get stuck in a dungeon and see what amazing friends will show up... if they can stop wishing for it. Fortunately, they get distracted long enough to get a visit from very special guests, Rob & Pernell of the Rhythm and Pixels podcast! Whoah! And the Messenger is with them! Excellent! Join us for some selections by your dungeon-trapped crew as we discuss the metaphoric qualities of video game mechanics, real-life golf simulators, and just what exactly belongs on the walls. And just when the festivities seem almost through, we'll unwrap a surprise seasonal karaoke that will change the way you hear a certain song for all your winters to come. Happy Snowday everybody, and we'll see you next year!

NOTE: this episode reveals the winner of the MIXXMASTER QUIZXX

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Fez Spirit Disasterpeace
Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble 3 Bubble World Yasuko Yamada, Turbo Mira
DOOM Rip & Tear Mick Gordon
ESPN Final Round Golf 2002 BGM 20 Unknown
Mamono Hunter Yōko: Dai 7 no Keishō Scene 5: Snow and the Stars Keiichi Yamamoto

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. Started listening at 3:30 AM thanks to a baby wakeup. Much needed pleasant company! Can't wait to finish today.

    1. Make sure you stick around for the bonus track!

  2. LOL. Wish I could leave this comment, but when I delete the parent later today (which I have to do, because there are links in), your child comment will disappear.

    Thanks for the laugh, though.

  3. Don't worry, KG. That was my plan all along. A wabi sabi type comment, if you will. Transient and imperfect.

  4. Wabi Sabi.....nice. I was hoping you were gonna scream, "YOU KILLED MY FATHER!!"

  5. Hello. My name is The Diad Montoya. You killed my สุพรรษาทองมี. Prepare to die.

  6. Aww you guys! I love these snow days episodes so much! They warm my heart. This is going to sound evil, but I love it when you all get trapped in the dungeon together. It makes me want to become a boss and build a dungeon of my own so I can trap VGM podcasters inside.

    I really liked all the tracks on this. The Fez track was lovely, especially as I was looking out a fresh new coat of perfect white snow outside my window as I listened to it. The Parasol Stars track made me go "Wow. This sounds a lot like the background music to Bubble Bobble. What game is this?" It all makes sense now. DOOM hahaha. I can't believe that followed Parasol Stars, but I liked it. It was like eating cotton candy and washing it down with habanero sauce. Some of the subtler points of the production on that DOOM tracked sound like NIN, whom I love. Josh picked a perfect pseudo-Christmas golf track. I was most impressed that he could find such a track within the golf vgm framework.

    And of course The Diad. Oh man. I loved it so much. Josh had actually sent it to me in an email for our VGM Karaoke Lounge with a subject line that said "You're going to love this" and a message that said "Instant classic." I listened to it on Christmas day and was so happy to get a karaoke for Christmas. I actually got some more from Inpector Claw too! You all can listen to the karaoke lounge at soundcloud.com/vgmkaraokelounge. Hey The Diad: I hope you are cool with me posting your karaoke on the soundcloud. I don't like to put them up until I know the singer is fine with it. Let me know, and if you wouldn't mind, send me some of the details at jungletoads@yahoo.com.

  7. So I was SURE I had left a comment here, and couldn't understand why it wasn't here. Emily's explanation set all things in the cosmos aright. Here is what I said before:

    So good, guys! The Diad, you KILLED it! Who would’ve known the voice behind that classic deadpan delivery could also produce this gem!

    Incidentally, if you read down a little farther on the “balls to the wall” etymology search, you’ll find claims that it originally referred to centrifugal markers on a steam engine. I’m not convinced; I’d like to see a list of the earliest known uses.....

  8. ....And of course once I clicked "Publish", I found the answer: David Wilton, in his book Word Myths: Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends writes: "The second of these alleged railroad phrases is the phrase balls to the wall, meaning [making] an all-out-effort. Like balling the jack, this phrase is often thought to have arisen from railroad work. The speed of the governor on train engines had round, metal weights at the end of the arms. As the speed increased, the spinning balls would rise — being perpendicular to the walls at maximum speed. But there is no evidence to support this story. No use of the phrase is known to exist prior to the mid-1960s, and all the early cites are from military aviation, not railroads."

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