Friday, March 17, 2017

Ep. 59: Pillowy Limbo

Did you know that biological viruses can be transmitted through the internet in addition to digital ones? This week the tables turn as Josh’s health returns and an extremely congested Emily has to podcast from under a blanket. She’ll be all right, though, thanks to the patrons who donated Master System platelets, and also to the energy-infused, patron-submitted VGM Karaoke that literally clears her sinuses. Also reminisce about a time before the internet and when ice skating scandals rocked the world, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes exposé on the highly anticipated upcoming radio drama, Capcom Girls. So cuddle up under a blanket (again, for equality's sake) and sink into a pillowy limbo with the VGM Jukebox.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Zillion Main Theme (Pure Stone) Yoshiaki Ohuchi, Tokuhiko Uwabo (arr.)
Earthbound A Bad Dream Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka
Akazuin Cha Cha House of Particular Interest Toshihiko Sahashi
Ninja Gaiden Stage 2 Fumi
Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball Division 3 Game Unknown
Super Black Bass 3 Track 6 Tsukushi Sasaki, Michiya Hirasawa

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. I love Chi Guy's Karaoke. That's a man karaoke-ing with passion.

    1. Thanks! KeyGlyph gave me a super high octane track, so I had no choice but to go hardcore.

  2. The reason the NES was a front-loader was that Nintendo wanted to market it in North America as a media appliance that would slide into a shelf on your entertainment center, similar to the way a VCR would. And because the cartridge slot apparently had to be put in the rear of the unit given this front-loading design, the carts themselves had to be extended so that they would reach the front of the unit for easy access.

    The problem is that continually pushing down on the carts with that added leverage put more wear and tear on the slots that accepted them. Hence, more breakage over the long term.

  3. The Sega Genesis blood type can receive Sega Master system blood, but only via the Power Base Converter.

    Carrot Man Jr! The arcade version of Time Soldiers does not have two joysticks(like Smash TV). It has one joystick that rotates in eight different directions. There were a bunch of similar top-down shooters like Gondomania and others that came out during that time. I think they were made by Taito Romstar.

    JT, I'm so pleased you like the FANKY TANG! And I'm glad I had a part in it. And Josh and Emily, I am so with you on the "Emphasis on Scat" track on PTR! My kids and I played that song intermittently for about a week, and even my wife will still randomly burst out exclaiming, "It's a secret"!

    I don't even remember requesting that Ninja Gaiden track. But I'm glad you played it!

    And lastly but not leastly: Chi Guy, that VGM Karaoke was AMAZING. You are a beast! Words fail me. Total inspiration.

    1. It's so fanky and so tangy. What's not to like?

  4. Oh! And I am so excited for Capcom girls!

  5. I recommended Akazuin Cha Cha a few months ago, so I had forgotten what I wrote in the testimonial. While you were playing it I just naturally started whistling along to the track, and then you read something from my testimonial about whistling along WHILE I WAS WHISTLING ALONG! That ended the whistling because I can't whistle and laugh at the same time.

    And, wow, Chi Guy. You hit the karaoke with maximum full throttle enthusiasm. Smiling was uncontrollable.

  6. Emily I hope you are feeling better, you sounded pretty yucky.

    When you guys were talking about leaving your console on for days, I immediately thought of the recent story of the Japanese gamer who left his SNES on for 20 years.

    For the curious: http://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/nintendo/2016/1/2/10701068/snes-powered-on-20-years-gamesave-data

    1. Wow. 20 years?! I can't claim anything similar; the closest I got was leaving my Master System on over night to beat Kenseiden. I had finally gotten to the last boss, which takes a looong time for a game without saves or passwords.

      It was really late, so my Dad put his foot down and ordered my brother and me to bed....which was a good thing, because my nerves were shot by that point. Anyway, I had to go to school in the morning, so I left the tv off and hoped with everything I had that nobody turned the game off and it didn't glitch out. Luck prevailed and I beat that game the next day after school.

  7. You all have no idea how pleased I am to hear that my VGM karaoke went over so well. It warms my heart to get such a positive response.

    Which gives me that much more reason to finish the others I'm currently working on and to start on even more of them!

    Emily and Josh, you said something about how it would be weird (in a peculiar way is how interpreted it) if LMH played the same karaokes that you did. Would it be okay with you if I sent future songs to both podcasts simultaneously?

    1. First of all, Chi Guy, that's really cute that you're asking our permission, but don't worry -- we're not going to claim exclusive rights to your karaokes. :)

      Also, I encourage you to submit them everywhere! If you want to keep some as exclusives, that's very sweet, but it should be your decision. I know I'm just happy to see VGMKs pop up anywhere, anytime.

      Also also, I will say this: I really do think you should submit the Thunder Force karaoke to the Legacy Music Hour, because (and I said this on today's recording), the very next mixtape coming out has the Venus Fire track on it. I think it'd be a shame to let such a convergence of circumstances pass by.

    2. I will definitely submit Note to NASA to LMH.

  8. I haven't actually talked to Keyglyph about this, but my suggestion would be that you make your next one an LMH exclusive. Then, send them to both podcasts.

  9. Found the composer and arranger for Zillion's "Pure Stone"!

    It was composed by Yoshiaki Ohuchi and arranged for Master System by Tokuhiko Uwabo.


    Original version of the song (used in the anime the game it's based on): https://youtu.be/ovzKuGewsNg