Friday, July 29, 2016

Ep. 31: Elevator Operator

Join us for this very special episode where all of the selections were made by the Haunted Jukebox. Can Josh and Emily piece Haju’s life together through this series of musical cues? Join us to find out!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Multi Play Volleyball Training Toshiyuki Takine
Sadakichi Seven -
Hideyoshi No Ogon
Last Chapter Toshiaki Takimoto
Sonic Drift 2 Dark Valley Masayuki Nagao, Saori Kobayashi
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 Opening Hisayoshi Ogura
Gradius III Good Luck! Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko, Yukie Morimoto
Hono no Dokyuji: Dodge Danpei 2 Exhibition Match Manami Matsumae, Hiroshi Tsukamoto
Sadakichi Seven -
Hideyoshi No Ogon
Disco Toshiaki Takimoto

...and haunted jukeboxes like HAJU.


  1. Hey you two! That SFC V-Ball track is so jam! The reverb lessens the impact of the drums a little bit, but overall the track is awesome.

    Sadakichi 7 for the PC Engine totally sounds like it's riffing off of the Get Smart theme song, which makes sense considering the game's comedic espionage theme

    Emily, your mentioning the "School Bells sounding over the PA" story brings back memories. Now I will have to tell you a story about young, mischievous Nathan. Back in high school, I became a bit of a kleptomaniac....but purely for comedic reasons. I begin to take things from the school and hide them in my locker. I had a collection of wet floor signs, and hall passes. But my most prized possessions were my collection of bells.

    You see, my high school had actual bells that signaled the beginning and end of class. I was not fond of high school, and there was no sound I found so grating as the morning bell, calling me to another day of drudgery. I arrived very early to school each day, and at some point, I decided that my panacea was to take the bells entirely. I began removing the bells and storing them in my locker. At one point, I had removed all the bells from the entire 3rd floor. I chuckled with impish delight every morning as that cacophonous clanging was gradually replaced by the pitifully weak rattle of a pin with nothing to strike.

    My unbridled delight lasted for weeks, until one day I was called to the security office. I knew I was undone; upon discovering my stash of pilfered items, I knew expulsion was imminent.

    As I sat down, the security guard looked at me harshly whilst pulling out stolen items: the hall passes, the wet floor signs, the aprons....but no bells! They gave me a harsh warning and made me personally return all the items. I tried to appear remorseful as officer Joan meted out my sentence, barely able to contain my giddiness at escaping certain doom, and wondering how I'd done it.

    After returning the items, I found my answer. A classmate whose locker was near mine had been burgled, and security had opened all the nearby lockers to check for the stolen items. When officer Joan opened my locker, she saw the huge stack of black and red bells and declared, "Why does he keep all these bowls in his locker?"

    I rid myself of the bells as soon as I could, and thanked the heavens for my fortune......especially since I had taken that exit sign home a few days prior!
    Thank you for finally talking about Haju's potential origins.....of course the true explanation is the third one, that Haju is the amalgamation of fallen, lost and forgotten jukeboxes around the world. I think the tracks Haju picked were based on the experiences of the fallen jukeboxes that comprise his (just following Josh's original gender nomenclature here) spirit. The dangerous and sad tracks totally make sense, because of course jukeboxes ARE secret agents......in the war to bring happiness through music to our world. A fallen jukebox is a tragic thing. The Gradius III track represents the joy Haju experienced when he became united to the show, because it means he can continue his mission. And yes, Emily and Josh, Haju is in love with you.

    Dudes, that Hono no Dokyuji: Dodge Danpei 2 track sounded totally Sunsoft to me. It could've been the ending music to Fester's Quest. No one would know, because no one has ever beat that game.

    1. Well, now we know who to shake down first if anything goes missing in the bar or dungeon!

      And I am honored to have HAJU's love. I have a theory that she loves me like a parent but is IN love with Josh... but it's just a theory.

    2. Hey guys! Going through the episodes for a second time, and I got stuck on that Honoo no Dokyuji: Dodge Danpei 2 track again! I was having a mental disconnect because you guys said it was Manami Matsumae on the show(Capcom), but the sound was totally Sunsoft. By now I'm sure everyone who cares probably already knows that Matsumae did freelance work after leaving Capcom, and she did compose stuff for Sunsoft during that time. Thus one more cog in the VGM universe has been aligned in its proper order.

  2. Hey don't thank me, thank Takushi Hiyamuta! He's the one who did the hard work of composing that amazing track. He also worked on the early Metal Slug games which share a lot of the same instruments. It almost feels like the "band" playing the crazy Metal Slug tunes wanted to take a break and relax a bit. So they made some Neo Turf Masters jams to ease their stress or maybe warm up before going back and recording some more shredding Metal Slug insanity.

    The Sunsoft Dodge Danpei games have such great music. Don't know much about the games other than they seem to be based on a sports manga / anime. Manami Matsumae is such a talented composer, though. It's especially awesome to hear her "Mega Man-y" compositions in the Sunsoft style complete with those idiosyncratic sampled bass lines. Mega Man 1 is truly the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her music!

    1. I thank both of you, from the bottom of my heart.

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