Friday, July 8, 2016

Ep. 28: That Thing That Goes Doink

Now that Josh and Emily are both in their thirties, they find all the reasons to be cranky. Today’s technology? Too complicated. Today’s deer? Too invasive. Join Josh and Emily as they glare out their windows at all the unwanted changes outside. Get off their lawn, children, and off their hibernating mechs as well. Volleyball-playing Asteroids are okay, though. And so is our old friend, the Carrot Man.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Garou Densetsu Special Soy Sauce for Geese Shimi2m, Yamapy 1, Jojouha Kitapy
Ether One Total Relapse Nathaniel-Jorden Apostol
Rhythm Tengoku Remix 6 Tsunku, Masami Yone
Grid Seeker:
Project Storm Hammer
Stage 1 Zuntata
Super Aleste Asteroid Belt Keiji Takeuchi, Akiyoshi "Einosuke" Nagao, Katsumi Tanaka
Final Fantasy VII Costa del Sol Nobuo Uematsu
Uchuu no Kishi -
Tekkaman Blade
Epilogue ~ Staff Roll Skeleton
The Peace Keepers Yamaoka's Dojo Atsuyoshi Isemura, Hyu

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. You've done it again! Great episode, folks! I thought it was interesting that the American stage in Fatal Fury starts out with traditional Japanese instruments.

    It's interesting that Ruiner9's track selection from a game that takes place inside a mind directly followed the commentary on Carlos's dream. What a track! It was very cool how it took recordings of live instruments and looped them to intentionally create that sensation of being cut off.

    Ruiner9 aka Ed might have a great voice, but Josh, your voice is just fine. Additionally, Ed's all cozy up to the mic on that testimonial. When he records Pixeltunes with Mike, he must be sitting back a bit, because his voice is a bit more thin--it goes from super awesome to just really good. ;)

    Man, that Rhythm Heaven track is amazing! It's like happiness was being shoveled onto my eardrums. So I'm going to speculate about why this track sounds so good. So first off, a bit about the GBA sound hardware. When it was designed, they obviously couldn't(and wouldn't) partner with Sony to produce a similar chip to the one they designed for the SNES. So they developed a chip that similarly used samples, but ALSO had traditional chip-based sound generators.

    Most GBA soundtracks I've heard have tended to use more sampling and longer samples(which necessitate a drop in sample quality), with the chip synths filling in where needed. This often lends to a grainy, staticky quality, and is a main reason why GBA titles don't often get a lot of play on VGM shows.

    Rhythm Heaven, on the other hand, uses very short samples for things like drums and percussive hits and quick voices, and uses the chip synth for most of the strings and pads. Since the music is dance electronica, the pads perfectly belong(Yuzo Koshiro used this idea to his advantage, which is why the Streets of Rage series sounds so much more like "real music" than Legend of Oasis). But you're right; this does sound way better than SNES quality, and it also sounds better than any other GBA track I've heard.

    You introduced that fabulous Tekkaman Blade makeup track as being from the Sega Genesis, but I'm going to trust my ears and say that is a Super Famicom track.

    1. "You introduced that fabulous Tekkaman Blade makeup track as being from the Sega Genesis..."


      ...I am so getting fired.

    2. Fired? You guys just described every mecha anime ever, in a way that cracked me up.

    3. Nah Retro Nick, I'm gonna get fired for all these errors I've been making lately! Tekkaman Blade is a SNES/Super Famicom game, not a Genesis game.

      I'm probably one mix-up away from temporary probation or something.

    4. I thought the VGM Jukebox WAS your probation. :P kidding! I can give you a hard time, because at least you didn't get son'd.

      On LMH, Rob played a Valis track that I SWORE was SNES. I "corrected" him, and when he wouldn't admit that it was a SNES track, I hunted it down on YouTube and watched it through.

      Sure enough, it was a Genesis/MD track. The music was sparse and the piano had that really clean SNES feel to it......but I had to admit I was so totally wrong. And that, my friend, is how I got son'd. I'm still picking crow out of my teeth. :)

    5. "I thought the VGM Jukebox WAS your probation"
      LOL! Best reply ever!

  2. Regarding PS4 vs Steam, PCs are FAR ahead of PS4(Well, they can be. Depends on your hardware.). Unlike the past, games released across multiple platforms are pretty much always the same game nowdays. Console versions of modern games always run at lower detail settings, and frame rates though. I have Ether One for my PS4. I love the atmosphere, but the PS4 version has terrible bugs, and it keeps me from actually making much progress. I haven't checked it for updates in a while though.

    1. Are you stuck on the candles in the mine? I saw a Youtube video with a video that had a really weird sequence where you light some and blow them out in rapid succession and it worked like a charm. If you need it, I'm sure I can track the URL down.

      And to further the PC vs console point, yes. To play games on a PC with XB1/ PS4 level graphics, you're looking at around $300 for the video card. To go beyond that into 4K resolution gaming, something like $500 or $600 is the going rate.

    2. Not stuck on a puzzle bug. This game causes random OS crashes on PS4, and sometimes my save file would delete itself. I haven't checked to see if it's been patched though.

    3. To add to Retro Nick's comments regarding comparing PC and console hardware, the two have become even more similar in the current generation. The PS4 and Xbox1 both use similar x86-based processors (ie same architecture as a PC) from AMD. If you wanted to, you could buy very similar processors from an electronics store and build a very console-like PC. The line between PC and console is further blurred by the fact that the Xbox1 runs Windows 10, and many future Xbox1 games will be playable on PCs as a result.

  3. (Listens to Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer) BRB, I'm gonna make some toast to go with all this JAM 8^)

  4. 2016 bracket for Galactic League Asteroid Beach Volleyball:

    Death Stars
    Deep Impact
    Mass Extinction
    10,000 Megatons
    Manhattan Beach Project
    Fatal Trajectory