Friday, July 1, 2016

Ep. 27: Burgerforce

In this Very Special Episode of the VGM Jukebox, Emily comes to the recording impaired by a migraine, and Josh -- in a touching gesture of solidarity -- voluntarily impairs himself with whiskey. Who ultimately winds up the least coherent? Indulge in this rather self-indulgent episode to find out!

DISCLAIMER: Contains inebriation.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Side Arms Hyper Dyne Round 1 Takashi Tateishi
Battle Mania Daiginjou Shrine Hiroto Kanno
Boom Blox Hum Stutter Mark Mothersbaugh
Puggsy The Beach Matt Furniss
Lethal Enforcers Thank You, and See You Again (Staff Roll) Kenichiro Fukui
Rogue Legacy Whale.Shark. (End Sequence Sad Version) Gordon McGladdery, Judson Cowan
Astro Warrior Galaxy Zone Unknown
Fantasy Zone II Pastaria Tokuhiko Uwabo

...and listeners like YOU.

Extra Credit:

See Keith Apicary's footage from PAX East 2012.
Keyglyph appears in the Justifier lineup starting at 05:45.


  1. OK, much to say, but I get extra credit. Keith Apicary is hilarious, loved the footage.

  2. The Matt Furniss track was dope! Perfect summer jam. I have to mention, Pixelated Audio JUST posted a Matt Furniss Episode and it's awesome. Matt Furniss was a guest, and they played Name That Tune with tracks of his, making him guess what they were. There were some deep cuts there; check it out.

  3. .....Found in the Pixelated Audio Matt Furniss episode is an easter egg: Apparently the Western composers discovered an undocumented mode on the Sega Master System where the noise channel can be replaced with a sawtooth bass, which greatly opens up the possibilities of the SMS sound chip! They play a Lemmings SMS track that sounds bigger than the typical SMS sound.

  4. Fantasy Zone 2 reminds me of just one thing: Tokuhiko Uwabo


  5. I think "My Michelle" refers to the Guns 'n' Roses track:
    Thanks for including my suggestion last week!

    1. You're right, Treguard! We missed that. Although I would still love for someone to sing the Beatles' "Michelle" over that Battle Mania Daiginjou track somehow. :D

  6. Josh, at the end there, whoa man. Either you were hamming it up, or you REALLY took one for the team.

    1. Okay, this comment made me laugh really hard.