Friday, July 20, 2018

Ep. 114: Penultimate Patron Party

Well everyone, it's the second-to-last episode of The VGM Jukebox. To be on the brink of such an ending is bittersweet, but that doesn't mean we're not gonna party it up tonight! After Josh and Emily get their extra-dimensional situation sorted out, listen in on a band of fellow patrons who've come together in the overworld and created a loving tribute to the entire VGMJB community. But that's not all: Josh and Emily are also keeping the bar open after hours for the Penultimate Podcast Patron Party, where even more surprises, laughs, karaokes, and stellar tunes will be had. To say this episode is brimming with magical moments doesn't even begin to cover it. Our story is happy ending, so let's celebrate ourselves and the cosmic connections between us all. You won't want to miss it!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Dynamic Country Club Practice Play Unknown
Sonic Spinball Toxic Caves Howard Drossin, Brian Coburn, Barry Blum
Fallout 1 Maybe Allan Flynn, Frank Madden [Performed by The Ink Spots]
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga Danger Liset Alea, Ted Birkey, David Fisher [Performed by Etro Anime]

...and listeners like YOU.

EXTRA CREDIT: The Mad Gear's cover of Sonic Spinball's "Toxic Caves"


  1. Another Carrotman for Animite......the reason Carrot Man has been low on hours is due to Electricboogaloo’s diligent efforts! Thank you, EB, for putting forth all that effort.

    Josh and Emily, your karaokes were fabulous, sentimental, and poignant. Thank you.

    1. It's been an honor and a privelige to be help on this show! I thank you all! :)


    2. *be of help I mean hahaha


  2. This episode was magical! Thank you Josh and Emily for letting me be a part of this episode. It was so so so much fun. And thank you to Animite, Bad Dude Shane, Utopia Nemo, and The Diad for all collaborating with me. This was the best penultimate party I have ever been to! The ultimate penultimate! I have had a hard time saying goodbye to this show, but putting this together with you all and listening to this episode has cast curagas and heals and other white magics to help me through the process. As you all ride off into the sunset with HAJU and friends, I can wave goodbye with both tears and a smile. We had a time.

  3. I also want to dd that we do have a tracklisting!

    Emily wanted to keep the multiple endings to this episode a surprise, so we didn't list these in the show notes. Special thanks to Animite for finding most of the information on these tracks and for selecting many of them to be in this episode. Special thanks to Bad Dude Shane for arranging and performing all the banjo-ized Zelda covers.

    [The parts in brackets below let you know which part of the episode the song occurs in.]

    1. Fairy Fountain (BadDudeShane cover) “Legend of Zelda” NES [Meanwhile...] Koji Kondo

    2. Credits (BadDudeShane cover) “Legend of Zelda” NES [Campfire Background] Koji Kondo

    3. Main Theme (BadDudeShane cover) “Big Event Golf” [Campfire Singalong] Unknown

    4. Track 15 (Success!) “Ide Yousuke Meijin no Jissen Mahjong II” NES [First Ending Win Jingle] Norihiki Togashi

    5. Ending “The Smurfs” Gameboy [Text Screen Ending 1] Jose Alberto Gonzalez

    6. Sandinista "Contra Arcade" [Gamer Nerd Interlude] Akira Yamaoka

    7. Player Select "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" SNES [Select Player] Kinuyo Yamashita, Iku Mizutani, and Hiroyuki Iwatsuki

    8. Fairy Fountain (BadDudeShane cover) “Legend of Zelda” NES [Meanwhile... 2] Koji Kondo

    9. Rock Solid (Rungo's Stage) "Battle Arena Toshinden" PS1 [The Raving Hour] Yasuhiro Nakano

    10. Who's Clinking their Glass (Tavern Music) "Hinadori no Saezuri" PC 9801 [Slow Dance at the Bar] Hiroaki Sano

    11. Green Hill Zone “Sonic the Hedgehog” Sega Genesis/MD [Kazoo Celebration] Masato Nakamura

    12. To Far Away Times "Chrono Trigger" SNES [Animite’s Toast] Noriko Matsueda

    13. Track 9 "Mahjong Sports Line" PC 9801 [Move’in Forward Karaoke] Kenichi Arakawa

    14. Ending “The Smurfs” Gameboy [Text Screen Ending 2]Jose Alberto Gonzalez

    Stay tuned to soundcloud.com/vgmkaraokelounge because I will be getting these karaokes and the kazooraoke up in the coming days!

    1. Can I just say what an extreme honor it is to be a part of this whole penultimate patron party? It is so great what you guys did for us, and it's cool to be taken on a trip like that. You made it so easy to be a part of, and it is just hilarious. Thank you, Jukebox Boys.

  4. Also, the Extra Credit of the Mad Gear performing Toxic Caves was the perfect after-party to this episode. Man, that was an awesome cover you guys! So funky!

  5. In this penultimate episode, Animite, Bad Dude Shane and the Jukebox Boys expressed my thoughts and feelings so well. The VGM Karaokes gave me chills.
    A friend of mine found LMH and told me he thought it would be right up my alley. It definitely was. I had no idea I was looking for something like it all my life. What I didn't realize was that I started listening to it during the hiatus. But, lo and behold, before I could catch up on all the back episodes, Brent and Rob F started it up again with their new schedule.
    Fast forward a year or so, I got a new phone and something went wrong with my iTunes podcast subscriptions, I changed jobs and routines and before I realized it, I was months behind on LMH. So i picked it up again. In one episode, Brent mentioned the existence of the VGM Jukebox and I immediately subscribed.
    I time-traveled a bit catching up on the archives and fell in love again. VGMJB became my favorite podcast and I even had a handful of my own tracks played and testimonials read on the air. That made me feel so good. I knew I had found my tribe, people with wildly different backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews who came together to embrace a thing we all love, VGM.
    Josh and Emily, I am sad that VGMJB is coming to an end, but intensely happy for what I have been able to be a part of. I'm feeling some serious mono no aware here, and thanks to you, I actually have a term to describe that feeling!
    The VGM Jukebox has helped me get through some rough emotional patches in the last while. I am seriously grateful for the care, love, and sacrifice that has gone into putting it together for such a long time. Even though I don't have new episodes to look forward to every Friday, I still have the archives and thanks to Josh and Emily being so open and welcoming about showcasing other VGM podcasts, I have so much more to look forward to.
    I will always cherish my place at the bar of the VGM Jukebox. Thank you.

  6. Hey JT, all the extra stuff was great! And Jungle Tamarind totally nailed my persona, although when I do headspins, I always scream that indecipherable thing that Chun Li says when she does her spinning bird kick!

    1. Thanks dude. I gotta give Animite props too though. He came up with the plot and wrote all his dialogue, which had me laughing out loud.

      Isn't Chun Li actually supposed to be saying 'spinning bird kick'? It's just that she pronounces it "speeninguh beeyurdo keek!"

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  8. All 4 karaokes and the 1 kazooraoke are all up in the lounge now! Enjoy!


  9. If anybody wants to feel like Josh when he got that dnb mixtape from his friend, here is a dnb 'mixtape' from me:

    DnB 101: A History of Jungle Drum n Bass

    I put this YouTube playlist together awhile ago. It's 101 drum n bass tracks meant to be like an introductory 101 course. A few have been taken down from YouTube since I put this together, but there are still lots of great tunes in here.