Friday, May 11, 2018

Ep. 108: Spam Themes

Josh and Emily are back in the dungeon, which means that they have their own selections to share with you this week, and who knows, maybe one of them will need the assistance of a certain haunted karaoke machine. This is the first episode Josh and Emily recorded since the LMH live recording, so you can expect a redux of that very chill event. Also, we talk about the recent release of comments into the feed in the Great Comment Section Debacle of 2018, and once again, we imagine a new video game, this time involving a certain unevolved Pokemon. You want some great jams? Join us in the dungeon with the least reasonable attributes of all!

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  1. Love that dispatch from behind the scenes at the Legacy Music Hour 200th episode recording! I've been catching on my VGM podcasts lately so listening to last week's VGMJB, then LMH 200, and then today's VGMJB all in a row was super duper fun.

  2. So guys, happy to hear about your experiences at the LMH recording. Josh, you gave a fantastic VGMK performance! Totally fed off of the crowd’s energy, and sang your guts out. It was ME who was getting all sentimental.

    Emily, I was also glad that during the taping, you mentioned Rob’s habit of having multiple selections from a soundtrack, and choosing on the fly. See, he’s played a few tracks lately that were not Utopianemo suggestions, but on the same OST as something else I suggested. I was starting to get weird about it—I’d be thinking, “Wait, that’s totally not as good as the track I suggested! What’s going on here?”

    Of course, Rob can play whatever he wants, but somehow knowing that he’s just going with the flow calms my neurosis a bit. I almost forgot why I brought that up: along with the Nightmare Circus track I suggested that ended up being the intro to the Time Lord purgatory, I also suggested a Rent-a-Hero track, which was of course the OST he chose from to play for your time up front. And that made me quite happy. :)

    1. Oh! I also liked learning that Rob is going with the flow and vibe when he makes selections. It added to my respect for him to learn about this. He thinks like a DJ.