Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ep 102: Adjusted Lore

It's the Uncertain Breeze Dungeon and Josh and Emily are finding their own music recommendations in the midst of a precarious situation. Emily finds a hidden musical gem in an otherwise terrible experience, Josh reveals his physical music moment, and we get a very special visit from the baby Hakama who comes bearing an excellent VGM Karaoke. Special thanks goes out to Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio for ripping the music for today's episode. These jams are rare! And we would be remiss not to thank you, dear patron for following along. So what are we standing here for? Let's go!

Note: When Josh says BIRDIE TRY, he meant to say BIRDIE KING.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Zelda: the Wand of
Sakado Main Theme Tony Trippi, William Havlicek
Big Event Golf Gameplay Music Unknown

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  1. At first I thought the title was “Adjusted Love”.

  2. I think the conflicting feeling we're getting from the Big Event Golf track comes from the juxtaposition of the descending bassline and the ascending melodic line. I got the same feeling. I also think it's a beautiful track. It sounded like a TG-16 track to me.

    1. Oooh... I like that idea about the lines going in opposite direction.

  3. “My hand will be the stage”. That’s beautiful. Maybe it was the context, but when you mentioned the publisher for Animite’s microkaraoke, I could’ve sworn you said “Teeny Soft”.

    And dang, Animite, that karaoke......straight EAGLE.

  4. Most excellent tunes! In the vein of unearthing golf VGM... I've been looking for an isolated or extended (though I fear that might be the whole loop) version of the Golden Tee '97 theme. Thought I'd just *putt it out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W16R16gS9gM&t=16s

    1. is that the one that plays at the very beginning of this video?

  5. Great tunes! I love that a game as reviled as Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon still has a little fresh juice to be squeezed out of it when repurposed for a VGM podcast. That's one of the things I love about this show and others like it.

    I loved what Josh said about Big Event Golf having the most impact for the least amount of sonic information. It's one of those tunes that doesn't waste a beat as it gets into your heart and taps your feet.

    Another excellent karaoke Animite! We are proud to have you on stage at the VGM Karaoke Lounge! So good! So good!


  6. I cannot get Big Event Golf out of my body! Pretty much immediately it moved me and I started improvising a song about a girl I've been dating.

    Please, please please, will Josh post the chords to this song? I play the banjo, and I want to learn this song for it, but my ear is not very trained. If I had the chords I'm sure I could figure out the rest.

    Thank you!

    1. Bad Dude Shane! I'm so glad you like this song. I almost held off on sharing this song so that I could present the arcade Taito golf songs in chronological order, but I wanted people to have this song in their lives as long as possible. No pressure or anything, but I would love to hear a banjo cover of it.

      As far as the chords, no problem! Well, slight problem, I'm not a hundo on these, but they're the best I can figure. Maybe you can find your own solution to that series of rising chords at the end of the section, in the real version, the bass stays the same even as the chords rise:

      Bb, B dim, Cm, Ebm, F
      Bb, B dim, Cm, (quick:) Eb, Dm, Cm, Dm, Eb, F

    2. Thank you! This will be a great launching point to figure this track out.

      Also, you should totally upload that extended and clean version of this track to Youtube!

    3. I have nothing to add. I just want to say that this level of music talk mmake me happy. :)

    4. Here you go. I have a longer MP3. Let me know if you need it


    5. Yo Josh,

      So I practiced this song for a good 2 hours straight yesterday, completely shredding my frailing finger. I'll get a recording made when it callouses over ;) However, I wanted to add a few of my own observations based on the notes you shared:

      Your progression fits the song great! I only made a couple changes. I leave the B dim as a Bb, so the progression goes: Bb, Bb, Cm, Ebm, F. Also, upon close listening achieved from you sharing the extended mix, it sounds like the bass rises on the Cm and then goes low again on the Ebm. I also simplified the quick chord change a bit to Dm, Cm, Eb, F which sounded good enough to me :P

      I still have a little refinement to do on the melody but I'm almost there. Thank you again X3 for sharing the track on the show, sharing your notes, and sharing the extended mix. This song is so much fun!

      Bad Dude Shane

  7. I laugh every time you two express doubts about wind and breezes. XD

    1. I'm never quite sure how to feel about it.

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