Friday, June 30, 2017

Ep. 72: Classy Party Building

You may have heard that Josh broke his leg last Friday -- but as it turns out, a few separated bones weren't enough to keep him from recording an episode. Join Emily and the other patrons at his bedside a mere three days later to get caught up on the whole story, including the choice language, angels, and mobile games therein. Emily is clearly ecstatic to have her co-host safe and sound in her classy overworld party this week, and we know you will be, too.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Iji 3 Cans Later Chris Geehan, Dan Bryne McCullough, Tom Mauritzon, Captain Goodnight, LifeForce
Etrian Odyssey III The First Campaign Yuzo Koshiro
Dance Dance Revolution 1st Mix Brilliant 2U NAOKI (Naoki Maeda)
Canabalt RUN! (Theme 1) Danny Baranowsky
Super Ninja Boy Peace Boom Akinori Sawa

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. Years ago, a close family member had to deal with a broken leg after slipping through ice and it took months to heal. I'm just glad he could still walk after that.

    Josh, I wish you a speedy recovery!


  2. GUYS! I know LMH inspired you, and you followed suit with your own show, but PLEASE, don't follow their lead by breaking multiple leg bones! I mean, I like Rob as well, but I'm not going to take up barbering!

    Seriously, I'm glad you're alright, Josh. Maybe one of these days I'll share the story of how I got a spiral fracture on my 5th metatarsal from feeding my (then) two kids dinner.

  3. I feel it is important to provide a disclaimer that my love for Magikarp Jump is completely irrational. I recommend this game to no one. If you were to make an exhaustive list of criteria for what constitutes a good videogame, Magikarp Jump would fail on every metric. The one thing it succeeds at is being every bit as pathetic and pointless as its title character. Well, that's not entirely true... it does succeed at one other thing: stealing my heart.

  4. On my way to work last Friday morning, I was desperate for something good to listen to. Running through my list of podcasts, the only one which updates on Friday was VGMJB. Knowing that Josh had broken his leg, I assumed there wouldn't be an episode. But when it popped, I felt so grateful for Josh's dedication and willingness to join Emily and put out another quality episode.

    Get well soon, Josh. Have you considered researching family history while you recover? That can be as addicting as any video game, but ultimately more rewarding.

  5. Awesome! i really like , just curious on who inspires you to produce such? really looking forward to hear something from you in hope i wont break my spinal bone!