Friday, September 16, 2016

Ep. 37: Kamehameha

There’s a whole lot of channelin’ goin’ on in today’s episode as the hosts call upon the spirits of Bogus Meat Factory, Brent Weinbach, Goku, and countless undead NPCs. Is KeyGlyph a necromancer, or does she prefer the company of robots? Is Josh an enemy boss, or just some guy who likes throwing books and drinking whiskey? And if VGMJB were a video game, what would be the good ending? Tune in and evaluate the evidence... which may leave you with more questions than answers.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Bomberman '93 Inferno (Planet C) Jun Chikuma
Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time
Gerudo Valley Koji Kondo
Street Fighter X Mega Man Main Theme Luke Esquivel
Landstalker Light of the Setting Sun Motoaki Takenouchi
Lagoon Castle Mark Philips "GO" Saito, Masae Sakaide
Super Spike V'Ball US Navy Match Kazunaka Yamane
Dragon Ball Z:
The Legacy of Goku 2
East District 439 Yannis Brown

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. I had to take a moment out from listening to the podcast to say OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME "DOES THE TRACK FROM STREET FIGHTER X MEGA MAN HAVE SF ELEMENTS?" THE MAIN MELODY IS THE INTRO MUSIC TO SF2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We now return to our normally scheduled comments.

    1. OMG Nemo, thank you. That was driving me crazy; I was so dazzled by the 8-bit sound, and so captivated by the Mega Man themes, that I couldn't place the Street Fighter tune!

      I have this problem a lot, actually. When chiptunes are reimagined with a different platform's soundset, no matter how well I know the original, I can get very confused.

      It's also a frustration I'm addicted to.

    2. I can be the same way. I made a great impression on Retronauts's Bob Mackey when I met him at the Ground Kontrol in Portland(I can see it from my work building).....He was playing a mix of retro game covers, and I mistakenly identified some Castlevania track as being from Gunstar Heroes. The look of veiled quizzical disgust said more than words could convey.

  2. If I were in a VGM punk band it would be called Bonus Meat Factory.

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  4. Hey friends!
    Loved the Bomberman 93' track. I’ve only just realized that Jun is both a male and a female name in Japan, so I can understand Josh’s confusion. Personally, I like the PC-Engine sound, but it's kind of homogenous; I feel like it’s harder to identify composers when listening to PCE tracks (Chikuma-san excepted).

    Emily, I had no idea your new job was so amazing! I guess that’s all I can say. Wow. Josh, love is PRIMARILY an action. Love-as-feeling is infatuation. It's not insignificant, but it's also fickle and fleeting. Love as action is other-centered and kenotic, so it has infinitely more potential.

    I’m pretty sure that if Josh were the boss of his own castle, he would throw non-sequitirs. And he’d have alternate forms: He’d start out bouncing on his exercise ball, trying to crush you. When you destroyed it, he’d take to jogging around the screen. What would I throw if I were the boss of my own castle? I would throw MY OWN CHILDREN. And then I'd run away.

    Yes, Emily, this is one of those gray stories where everything is offal. ;)

  5. Street Fighter x Mega Man was a free fan-game published by Capcom and featured on their website to coincide with the 25th anniversaries of SF and MM. It's a decent little game, in fact, I like it better then Mega Man 10, personally. I believe you can still download it.

    I was dying when you guys were discussing the meaning of my name! I wish I had put that much thought into it when I came up with it in High School. As for the origin of the name... Well, I'll have to suggest the game it inspired. ^_^

    Man, that Gerudo Valley track takes me back. It is one of, if not, my favorite track by Koji Kondo. I know those are strong words, but everything about that track is just perfect. Something about the instrumentation, with the guitar and trumpet, along with those castanets driving the beat, is just pure ear candy to me. Not to mention the timeless melody only Koji Kondo himself could create.

    (I would throw outdated sports game cartridges and discs. Not only would it hurt to be beaned in the face with John Madden Footbal 'XX but I would also be doing the world a great service by destroying those ever-loving wastes of space that plague every used game shop.)

  6. I gotta say, that track that played in the background while Emily talked about her robo-children gave the whole thing a kind of ominous vibe.

    As for the "personality quiz" question:
    I'm often the one my friends/family go to for computer advice, so if I were a videogame boss, my castle would be a giant computer tower. Obstacles would include spinning cooling fan blades, exposed electrical contacts, and overheating chips. For my projectile, as a lover of Mexican food, I would have to throw burritos. Some of them would explode with hot sauce for extra splash damage.