Friday, March 18, 2016

Ep. 18: Trust Fall

ATTENTION PARENTS: You might want to preview this particular episode before your kindergartners listen along. Although Josh and Emily spend most of their time promoting substance-free childhoods and conscientious garbage disposal, this meetup is ostensibly rated PG. Other topics include trustworthiness, password storage preferences, Emily's hypothetical romantic relationships with various video game consoles and podcasts, and... you guessed it... BURGERTIME TIME! Tune in for all this and more, and witness Josh instigate a laughing fit the likes of which we haven't heard since our unofficial LJN focus.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Battle Squadron Intro Ron Klaren
Tetris Attack Water Stage Masaya Kuzume
Final Fantasy IV Within the Giant Nobuo Uematsu
Shadow of the Ninja Stage 4 Iku Mizutani, Kouichi Yamanishi
Busy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind Bluegrass Bobcat Matt Berado, Rudy Helm
Sonic CD Sonic Boom Spencer Nilsen, David Young, Mark Crew

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  1. First off, I absolutely adored this episode. Such an excellent variety of music from a whole slew of different genres. With the Battle Squadron track, I totally got the Splatter House vibe from the first level of the first game there are some similar riffs. I also adore robot voices. We won't have to worry though, when the robots take over the world, we will have plenty of robot voices to listen to!

    Speaking of robot voices, that reminds of me the time I was playing Phantasy Star Online on the original Xbox. The game featured some voice modulation and you could make your voice sound like a robot that mimicked the, Bit from the 1980's movie Tron. So I created a robot character that would only answer in Yes and No's like a bit and confused the hell out of my random party members.

    Tetris Attack was such a great game. I completely understand the want to find a game in the wild versus on-line. I think my first real thrill in that aspect was hanging out with an old friend who took me out to a retro game store and I found a Sega CD game, Supreme Warrior, that I had been searching for all my life. I remember seeing the game's walkthrough in a copy of Game Pro magazine and idolized it as a kid, but completely forgot the name and could not track the name down on-line at all. Finding it there, on the shelf, with the same familiar FMV actors that I saw on the magazine, I flipped out. Was definitely the most exciting moment in my video game collecting, which is funny, since the game is horrible in an endearing way!

    The Sonic CD track.... oh man. This is definitely the start for Sonic having more of a, "pop/rock," trend that become the norm further on. I still own the game from my childhood and remember doing exactly what the patron mentioned. I watched that intro sequence over and over and over again. When I finally beat it, I was treated with an even more awesome cinematic and it drove me to beat that game over and over and over again. This also really reminds of me the Sonic R soundtrack, which a lot of people criticize, but is one giant musical ear worm.

    Burger Time Time is, as always a blast. I say use the pepper. It is better to pepper and lose than to never have peppered at all.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  2. That Shadow of the Ninja track is pretty bonky. Definitely a bit of a Castlevania vibe to certain parts. That Sonic Boom track, though....yikes.

  3. Sonic did take a weird turn here, but I still love the title music to Sonic Adventure 2. The full song, "Live and Learn," is an okay song on its own, but the title screen track is mixed differently, so it hits harder. I'll never forget getting that game going for the first time. I listened to the title screen a few times before I got started. The rest of that game had some weird tracks, like all of Knuckles' raps, which I actually like, but can admit they're kinda cheeseball, and Rouge's tracks, which I don't personally like.

    Here's the title screen track, not the full song version, mind you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM5ZHON9f_4

    1. Interesting that you're noting the mixing differences between the short and long version! Can your ear pick up on what exactly was done differently?

      I liked Sonic Adventure a great deal more than its sequel, but Sonic Adventure 2's final boss with "Live and Learn" blasting over it? AMAZING.

      It was so amazing, in fact, that I borrowed SA2 from a friend a couple years ago and started a new file specifically to be able to replay that final sequence. Something in me just needed to experience it again. It was totally worth it.

    2. i thought you guys were talking about this song:
      which sounds more like a Masato Nakamura track

  4. Burgertime Time!!!

    I know you just played it, but The Battle Squadron soundtrack is good for aerobics. Maybe something from Amnios or Awesome, I can't remember exactly, but I once made an aerobics mix out of video game music.

    1. Thanks for the rec! I'm thinking that the aerobics might have replays on it.

    2. Josh,
      I know this doesn't technically count as video game music, but the OC Remix Gunstar Heroes Tribute album is some of my favorite music to run to. It's called "Be Aggressive!" And I love it. My kids also request certain tracks from it all the time. You should do yourself a favor and download it yesterday.

  5. Ok, super late post, but I love Sonic Boom so much. I am a huge sucker for early CD-ROM technology, when everything was such a struggle to make happen. FMV, 3D, anything beyond the basics felt like a miracle when it happened on your TV (Or computer monitor), and it pretty much was. I love seeking out the old games that pushed tech to it's knees, and the FMV sequence for Sonic Boom is a great example of this. Sure, there were more impressive examples that came on the Sega CD later on, but this was bleeding edge stuff at the time!
    And yes... This is VERY dangerous to listen to while driving!

    1. Hey Retro Nick!

      I know a lot of people think Sonic Boom is really cheesy, but I love it. I also love this cover of it that I discovered recently:


      I dunno if it'll be your thing, but I think it's totally inspired. Hope you enjoy!