Friday, March 25, 2016

B8: Cookie Crumbles

This week Josh and Emily unexpectedly create the feel-good dungeon setlist of the century. Kick back with them and imagine you're drifting off on a peaceful ranch, driving down the 101 on a sunny day, or chasing butterflies through a grassy field. HAJU chimes in and sounds super relaxed too, but perhaps due to a beverage mixup. Don't worry though. He just needs a few minutes to regain his balance and give things a second try.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
My Pokemon Ranch Day Obata Miki
Fighting Golf Track 0 Aran Lee Shige
Mother 3 Mind of a Thief Shogo Sakai
Madou Monogatari II: Arle 16-sai PROPHETIC DREAM Masanobu Tsukamoto

Extra listening assignment: The Secret Labs from Mass Effect


  1. Fighting Golf is full of bonk tracks. I had a similar 8 bit aversion to racing games because I thought all the good stuff in that style was going to be 16 bit, but there is quite a lot of good stuff out there. You can hook an Xbox or PlayStation controller up to your computer for emulators

    1. Hey Mega Matt! You're right about the controller -- I do that for the one Steam game I play. I just wish I could hook up a Genesis controller. But even then, I don't know if I'd like sitting in front of my computer to play Genesis games...

      Basically, I'm just weird. And possibly in love with my Model 1. Logic goes out the window here.

  2. HAJU is a Jackie Chan-esque master of soundtrack selection. I am listening to Madou Monogatari II's right now and it is legit gooood!

    Blades of Steel was later released in Japan under the name Konamic Ice Hokey. It's official: Konamic is an adjective, and it means 'including more than the usual number of fist fights.'

    1. Ah! In that case, I wish Fighting Golf were more Konamic.

  3. Sentimental, my friend! I looked on the social media but I couldn't find the thing you mentioned where you tried to change a picture. Can you point us to that?

    1. https://m.facebook.com/thevgmjukebox/photos/a.1057351747641029.1073741827.1057343290975208/1078363758873161/?type=3&source=54&ref=bookmarks

  4. My Pokemon Ranch Day Theme when the guitar comes in it kinda sounds like Breezin' by George Benson.


  5. Howdy, you two!

    Naka-kun here. Loved the latest episode, loved the new pet(KÅ«kuru=Cookie Crumbles), and the music was sooo good. Emily, I liked the drunken master(system) version of the Madou Monogatari track, and I now understand what you mean about the SMS/GG music sounding sad. That PSG can really sound wistful.

    I totally understand and respect your decision to play on original hardware. For me, I haven't owned a tube TV in years, and HDTVs all introduce ridiculous lag which makes reflex-based games nearly unplayable to me, even on a Wii. Playing on my laptop or an analog VGA monitor is the only way I can play these with any success. My old carts gather dust because the lag kills any enjoyment on a big screen.

    And that's also something you might bring up on Burgertime time. Josh, my recommendation to you is to try playing the game on a NES emulator on a laptop or analog vga monitor and see if you notice a difference in response time. Your difficulties may be partly related to lag(if you're playing on a Flat-panel, that is).