Friday, January 15, 2016

B4: Face the Music

Will Emily ever accept the dungeon for what it is? Will Josh ever find his favorite golf game composer? And just what is that Haunted Jukebox up to? Tune in to this especially spooky episode to find out!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Alcahest Final Form Jun Ishikawa
Sword World SFC City Menu Yumi Kinoshita
Famicom Tantei
The Suicided 
Kenji Yamamoto
Parasol Stars: the
Story of Bubble Bobble III 
??? Noriyuki Iwadare


  1. I'm growing more attached to that demon jukebox. Parasol Stars is a really cool game. It's one of two games I can think of where umbrellas feature prominently as a weapon wielded by the main character. #dank

  2. Sword World SFC has a couple of pretty good tracks. I like "Aboard", "Sequel", and "Nightshade's Theme" myself.

  3. The original Mother was already translated way back in the NES era but never released, actually. They announced during the 2015 E3 that they were releasing the game, translated on the Wii U. The game itself is a bit of a slog, with the traditional grinding common with games of that era, but still has remnants of the charm the series is known for. I recommend it if you are a die hard fan.

    By the way, excellent picks guys. I am glad that you get to have some of your own personal choices highlighted as well! Keep it up and can't wait to hear more from you both!