Friday, February 16, 2018

Ep. 100: Hunderd

Josh and Emily are almost out of the Breakable Mist Zone, but there's one more act to go! Will they make it to the exit in time? Do blood stained ice shards form a beautiful crystal when stacked? Are they even doing this right? Tune in for the answers to these and many more questions, including: Why do hockey players fight? What is the Dreamcast Sound? And does it really matter? Also... one more thing... Josh wants to start a book club, but he didn't say the right name for the author. The name is Ian Bogost and the book is called "Play Anything," if you want to follow along. Anyways... get over here. It's the VGM Jukebox.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
The Immortal Battle (I Forbid You to Come Any Closer) Rob Hubbard
Metropolis Street Racer It Doesn’t Really Matter Richard Jacques, T. J. Davis (vocals)
Snoopy Concert Daylight Forest Dave Brubeck, Hirokazu Tanaka, Minako Hamano
Sonic Mania Lights, Camera, Action! (Studiopolis Zone Act 1) Tee Lopes

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  1. Congrats on hitting that big milestone guys!

    I haven't been here since the beginning, but I'm glad I was able discover this show and knew that it was gonna be fun sharing some cool tracks as well as some fun stories! When I started submitting songs to the show, I never thought that I would be as active as am now and I’m grateful for that. Thank You!

    Here’s to 100 more! I’ll make sure the banker’s lamp in the office stays lit!


    And guys, I'm 100% sure that when I sent that information on how to pronounce Richard Jacques' last name, I did say it was pronounced like "Jake's".

    I don't know "Jacks" came from (maybe I may have erroneously said it in a testimonial somewhere or maybe something else, but I'm not sure about that) but I'm positive "Jake's" is how it's pronounced!

  2. Feel honored to have a suggestion on episode one hunnerd!

  3. I'm listening to the full Snoopy Concert soundtrack as I write; it is a whole lot of fun.

    But anyway, I actually started Ian Bogost's Play Anything a little while ago on a recommendation from the blog of game designer and academic Frank Lantz. I bounced off it at the time; it struck me as a broad synthesis of unoriginal ideas. But I can be too quick to judge these things and it is worth another chance. I'll finish it this time.

    1. Hi Spritz! You might be right that about the book's unoriginality. I'm not sure because I probably don't read enough to know. My background going into Play Anything was that I had read a couple chapters of Bogost's "Alien Phenomenology," which gave me a hang of Object-Oriented-Ontology and his own "Tiny Ontology" thesis. OOO is the idea that objects *deserve* to be studied outside of their interaction with humans. It's sort of like the opposite of the Cartesian idea that anything might be fake outside of our conception of it. Tiny Ontology is the idea that all THINGS can be studied with equal focus and energy.

      So, the early example he gives of his daughter skipping tiles across the floor, might seem a little quaint, but I thought it was sort of cool in light of his ideas about THINGS in general.

      I hope to hear more about your background on the topic. Also, nice job learning how to use the italics in the comments section!

    2. VGMJB Book Club! I added this title to my library holds. Maybe I'll be able to join you guys once it shows up and I finish the book I'm reading now (Dune).

  4. As far as I understand it, fighting is allowed in professional hockey because when the games first started to be aired on television, the league wanted something that would entice viewers to watch.

    But that might not be true. It's just what I've heard.

  5. I just watched an episode of Booker (a spinoff series from 21 Jump Street starring Richard Greico that aired in 1989). There was an episode about a hockey player that had to learn to stop being a goon who causes fights. He needed to remember what got him into hockey and start getting back to his roots as a great player of the sport. It was a terrible episode and I'm not sure why I shared that. I used to watch this show back then because Richard Grieco had cool hair and I always wished I had his hair.

    Happy 100th official episode (+dungeons +specials +dissertation stations)!

  6. Sorry I'm late, but a humongous congratulations on hitting episode 100, you two! Here's to 300 and 500!!


  7. Man, I’d forgotten about that Rob Hubbard track. I haven’t heard the Genesis version, but I fully believe that it pales in comparison.

    Okay, I swear this has to be mentioned elsewhere, but part of the bassline in that Snoopy Concert is almost exactly the same as the SNES version of Zangief’s stage in SFII.