Friday, January 5, 2018

Ep. 95: Chill Even Harder

Do you ever feel that as a fan of VGM, you are growing ever closer to your childhood dreams? Well, get ready for another parade from the past as we meet a band who gives themselves haircuts between song sections, a student of Definitely Darryl, and a dad who has figured out the absolute best way to militarize his children against the Axis powers. In addition to that, you will notice the beginnings of a slight change in format that VGMJB will be experiencing in the new year, so keep your ears peeled for the details. But hey, your ears will already be peeled, won't they? This is the VGM Jukebox, after all!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Faxanadu Password, Death Jun Chikuma
Undertale Snowdin Town Toby Fox
Keio Flying Squadron Level 1 Tsukasa Tawada
Command & Conquer: Red Alert Hell March Frank Klepacki
A Dinosaur's Tale Cecilia's Apartment Kim Jensen

...and listeners like YOU.

EXTRA CREDIT: Emily's music box arrangement of Mega Man 9's Flash in the Dark.


  1. I love the idea of that Command & Conquer song being an ad seeking a vocalist for a band with Korn and Led Zeppelin influences. The band name probably would be something like Hell March. It makes me want to respond to that flier with a VGM Karaoke, but I need to finish work on my dissertation station first before I do anymore karaokes.

    I also wanted to say that the Mega Man 9 song sonds fantastic on the music box! Great job Emily!

  2. Man, I had no awareness of Undertale when this came out. Now Keyglyph has played through the game, and it’s time for me to play.