Friday, July 14, 2017

Ep. 74: Dedications

We asked you to open your hearts, and you delivered. Come join us on an emotional journey as we travel through six amazing tunes dedicated to some very special people out there. As your hosts read the dedication letters, reflect on the siblings, significant others, science class egg babies, and very special babysitters you've been grateful to have had in YOUR life. Get covered in virtual sap, wash it off with some hefty shampoo, and then wash it down with a jumbo ice cream sandwich. When all is said and done, you won't be able to wipe the grin off your face.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Mii Channel Mii Channel Music Kazumi Totaka
Wiz n' Liz Title Theme Matt Furniss
Moto Roader Running From Home Goblin Sound
Super Mario Bros. Castle Koji Kondo
WarioWare Twisted! Wario De Mambo Kenichi Nishimaki, Masanobu Matsunaga, Yasuhisa Baba
Katamari Damacy Katamari☆Stars Hideki Tobeta

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. My favorite song on this episode definitely has to be Running From Home because I visualized this as riding on a car or motorcycle on an open road riding to an unknown future.

    It does have a sobering retrospective feel to it. All this talk does make me reminisce about my early years too. Not too long ago, I found an old baby photo tucked away in storage. It makes me feel how much time has passed since it was taken. I enjoyed having to look back at it, even though I don't remember that photo shoot at all, being a baby and whatnot.

    Ah reminiscing...

    Also, this talk also kinda makes me wanna play Bubble Bobble again at some point!


    1. That Wario De Mambo track reminds me of Sabado Gigante for some reason. I can imagine Don Francisco and the studio audience singing and dancing along to this.


  2. Poliesterties here. I've been so looking forward to this episode ever since I submitted my dedication. I'm very thankful you read mine on the air, I was smiling and laughing so much throughout. Though I must confess, I feel a bit disingenuous as my dedication wasn't specifically video game related.
    For much of my life the botched gifting of the tapes and lyrics with an ice cream sandwich in my mouth has been one of the things I've been most embarrassed about. But now, it is fun to share it and laugh about it with others. Once I wrote the dedication, I had to come up with a song to go with it. The Mii Channel Music was not actually on the mix tape, it was simply the track I found that best conveyed the imagery and emotion of painstakingly creating something for someone else to experience.
    As I reflect on it more, I think this happened in 7th grade, not 8th grade, which would set the experience back to 1996.
    To clarify, the egg-baby project was in Science class, not Health class. For whatever reason, my Middle School Health class didn't do the egg-baby thing, but my Science teacher was all about it.
    I had no knowledge of recording equipment and audio quality when I made the mix tapes, but just managed with the best I had. I can't remember what the quality was like, but I'm sure it left something to be desired.
    Not that anyone cares, but I remember that I also added select hits from the 50s and 60s from a set a tapes one of my older sisters had too.
    Now I am happily married with 6 kids and have been over Meredith for a very long time. I have no intention of seeking her out, but it would be interesting to know what she remembers of the experience and what she thought of the tapes.

    I love all the other dedications, thank you for sharing your experiences everyone. Another wonderful episode.

    1. You know what's REALLY funny? The fact that Josh and I were totally on board with the idea of the Mii Channel music being on a mixtape you made in 1996... even though that was about a decade before the Wii even existed. WHOOPS!

      Glad you shared and have been looking forward to this, Poliester Ties!

    2. Yeah, I wasn't gonna say anything about that. I guess we all look foolish sometimes. :)

  3. I was looking forward to the Dadiad’s response as to whether or not he takes photos of his kids. Oh well....