Friday, October 28, 2016

Dungeon Danceparty

Guess what, patrons? It's almost Halloween, and Emily has decided to embrace her necromancer identity by reviving some seriously old recommendations... for a dance party! Get your spook on in the dungeon with Key, Cookie, HAJU, the Assorted Boos, and of course Josh, who's chaperoning. So slap on some eyeliner, get close to the stage (or emergency exit), and let's party it up tonight!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Elebits Shopping in Style Naoyuki Sato, Michiru Yamane
Undertale Death by Glamour Toby Fox
Phantasy Star IV Organic Beat Izuho ‘Ippo’ Takeuchi
Vectorman Day 3: Tidal Surge,
Day 12: Nightscape,
Bonus Round
Jon Hollard
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Bloody Tears Kenichi Matsubara, Satoe Terashima, Kouji Murata
Batman Stage 4:
Laboratory Ruins
Naoki Kodaka
Armored Core 2 King Lear Kota Hoshino
Resident Evil: Code Veronica A Moment of Relief Takeshi Miura, Hijiri Anze, Sanae Kasahara
Waterworld Mission Theme 3 Dean Evans
MegaRace Newsan Stéphane Picq
Battle Squadron Intro Ron Klaren
F-Zero GX Octoman's Theme Hidenori Shoji, Daiki Kasho
Fester's Quest Outside Naoki, Kodaka, Nobuyuki Hara
The Adventures of Batman & Robin Joker's Theme Jesper Kyd
Zombies Ate My Neighbors Curse of the Tongue Joe McDermott
Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei Game Over Tsukasa Masuko, Hitoshi Sakimoto
Ghouls 'N Ghosts Main Theme Tim Follin

...and listeners like YOU.


  1. I listened to this episode while driving and painted a funny picture in my head. I imagined VGMJB and LMH patrons in a lounge bar with drinks in hand watching you guys DJ with headphones on stage with record scratching mix tables playing the music. These tracks were previously played on the show so when each track would start I imagined each patron who previously requested it raising their hand or yelling out to say it was their request and then everyone else in the bar was dancing. (the festers quest track was mine lol)

    1. Oh my gosh. You guys are taking this to the next level with these imaginings.


  2. I want to listen to this episode, but as of 9:30pm Friday night, it hasn't popped up on iTunes yet. Do any of the other patrons listen to VGMJB primarily through iTunes?


    1. Yo UN! The Dance Mix is up. Enjoy!

    2. Sorry Nemo! I've been wicked sick (probably from overdoing it at the dance party), and somewhere in the ensuing muddle Josh and I both thought the other one was doing the feed. Cue laugh track!

      Josh fixed it though, saving the day. Hope you enjoyed it!


  3. Come, come my children. Gather round and let grandpa JT tell you all a spooky ghost story.

    It was a dark and stormy night. All Hallow’s Eve, 40 years ago, in the year 2016. It was a night I will never forget. I was in a deep slumber, when suddenly a pounding beat awoke me with a start. I could not place its location other than inside my head, but I inexplicably felt the urge to get dressed to go shopping in style, and I followed the aluring direction of the throbbing sounds. I walked through streets and darkened alleyways, as if I had been glamoured to do the bidding of the beat. I found myself walking through a cobweb filled corridor that opened up into a large dancehall. It was there that I found the source of the noise in my mind. She was on stage. DJ Boss Key: a slinky necromancer, with one finger on the crossfader and another holding a headphone cup to one ear. She bobbed her head to the organic beat as a few strands of her hair hung loose over black eyelined eyes. Her pet skeleton turtle bumped into her leg, crumbled to dust, and then reformed seconds later. “It has begun.” I said as I stepped into the dancefloor.

    A haunted jukebox shot beams of light and lazers, filling the room with a tidal surge of eerie blues and purples, while green lazer beams danced and twirled in spinning circular patterns across the nightscape. Hundreds of giggling Boos swirled overhead as patrons filed in from all walks of life. Josh stood nervously by the emergency exit as DJ Key, now embracing her necromancy powers, cast potent musical magics that lured us in one by one. Capsulejay moonwalked into the center of the dance. Mixxmaster was hugging the speakers and bobbing to the bass (or perhaps it was the bass bobbing him). Michel Fiffe was juggling soccer balls. Goemonsama was doing headspins until he cried bloody tears. Bogus Meat Factory was moshing so hard, he knocked over some Erlenmeyer flasks of green potions and didn’t even seem to notice as he stomped around and did the Batusi in the laboratory ruins. Inspector Claw was dancing on The Diad’s shoulders and snapping at the air with his big claw hand. And Nathan Daniels, well I’m not quite sure how to explain what he was doing, but when DJ Boss Key dropped the beat from The Joker’s Theme, Nathan Daniels was a violent blur of flailing limbs as if he were some eight armed octoman. His dance looked painful, but also pretty cool at the same time, and it is a dance we now call the Utopia Nemo in honor of him. The only person who wasn’t having the time of their life was Lance Boyle, who was striking out with all the ladies he tried to hit on at the bar.

    The party went on like this through the night until Emily had exhausted her MP meter and was swooned. Sadly, this meant she slept through the amazing closing moment when the legendary Tim Follin took to the stage and played out the rest of the set until sunrise and all of us ghouls and ghosts enjoyed our last few moments of music filled darkness. It was a magic event. Dark magic. And that, my children, is how you are alive today, because your Grandpa JT would still be dead if I hadn’t been necromanced that night, and then I never would have met your Grandmother and had zombie babies together, who gave us zombie grandchildren, and ate all the neighbors!





    1. Wow, Jungle Tuber! I can't speak for anybody else, but you wrote my part spot-on!

      .....And the "SHYAMALAN" bit was classic!


      Loved this, and happy to know my questionable powers had the positive effect of bringing you back to us!

    3. This is the best comment ever. I had as much fun reading it as I did listening to the dance mix! Man... I kinda wish I could do head spins...

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