Friday, June 17, 2016

Ep. 25: The Next Nightmare

In this week's episode Josh decides it'll be cool, and not traumatizing at all, to lead Emily into Raccoon City and then ask her to describe her most recurring nightmares. How does she hold up against such anxiety? And does Josh unlock any secrets in her subconscious through his dream analyses? Listen in to find out... if you DARE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Last Sunday brought us the worst mass shooting in United States history. Josh and Emily do not know how to properly express the sorrow and outrage they feel on behalf of the victims, the victims' loved ones, or the affected survivors of this horrendous act of hate. We deeply hope our patrons are safe and surrounded by support.

Although the shooting is not discussed on the air, please be forewarned that this episode includes descriptions of the gun violence that occurs in Emily's nightmares.

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Final Fantasy Adventure Endless Battlefield Kenji Ito
Bionic Commando Ending Part 2 Junko Tamiya
Final Fantasy X Someday the Dream Will End (Fleeting Dream) Nobuo Uematsu
Sparkster Ending (part 2) Kazuhiko Uehara, Masahiro Ikariko, Minako Matsuhira, Michiru Yamane, Akira Yamaoka
Armored Core 2 King Lear Kota Hoshino
The Last V8 The Last V8 Rob Hubbard
Chacha-Maru Panic Track 6 Unknown

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  1. So good! Kudos to Ruiner9 for the Bionic Commando recommendation. Such a good game.

  2. The Last V8! Rob Hubbard! C64! Yes! Totally had that disk and wore it OUT. That said, it probably still works because 5.5" floppies will never die.

    To my main man Hobie: LOAD "*",8,1

  3. You guys are killing it with these episodes. Let's talk dream interpretation!

    1. The Virtual Reality dream is really all about a loss of control and the silliness and lightheartedness of what video games mean to you

    2. Your war dream has a lot to do with how you perceive yourself in society. You are in a world where the rules and social norms don't apply to you and it makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable, out of place and full of frustrations and doubt. It is your perception of mob mentality and how it doesn't affect you and your fears of confrontation. Guns are aggression and an application of force and something that you do not adhere to, yet you see it and perceive it all around you. The confrontation with the friends you knew in college are a deep seated feeling that people change and have experiences that you yourself wouldn't see yourself experiencing. It continues to exemplify that disconnect with your peers.

    3. As for the dream with your dog, it is a feeling of helplessness in situations in your life. Illness haunts you in your feelings. Those around you, people you care about and animals you care about experiencing pain and suffering push that idea and the pain you yourself experience when you are sick make that helpless feeling even more strenuous.

    4. The chloroform dream deals a lot with maintaining control over your life. These must happen in these moments when you feel overwhelmed and every seems in disarray.

    5. Helplessness abound! It seems to be a running theme in all of your dreams!

    I'm just gonna stop here. First off, I want to say, all that I said was complete BS. This called a cold reading and is the same sort of thing psychics use in their trade. Tarot Card readings are a great example of cold reading a person into thinking that there are otherworldly forces guiding others into an intimate knowledge of people. It is what con men do to earn people's trust so believe me when I say that I just BS'ed my way into those dream interpretations. I use vague and general statements that apply to almost every human and it is incredibly easy as long as you understand people. When I was young, I was really good and lying my way through things and using cold readings to connect with people. I think it is silly and a horrible thing to do, which is why I have to make it clear I was just making it all up haha. No one needs to be compartmentalized by these vague statements and it is cruel. You are a complex person and your dreams are just your mind trying to struggle with the issues you are dealing with.

    1. Josh and Emily, it seems to me Emily's nightmares are about her fear of loss, particularly of losing ones she loves. Nightmares are almost always about being helpless to prevent something, and for me anyway, a lot of my nightmares revolved around being helpless in the face of some sort of danger.

      Like Bogus Meat Factory, I used to be pretty utilitarian about dreams. The common scientific explanation is that it's our mind's way of processing events, and there wasn't any particular meaning or lesson to be learned from them. Since my dreams were often nonsensical or seemingly completely unrelated to reality, I dismissed them. I don't think that way anymore.

      Bogus Meat Factory, I agree with your assessment that cold readings are basically personality assessments made by observant individuals(whether or not the reader actually realizes that's what they're doing), but I don't think an honest stab at a dream's origin is quite the same thing as what you're talking about.

      Unpleasant dreams and nightmares tend to be our subconscious responding on some level to fears, anxieties, and/or helplessness in a situation. Growing up, I often had unpleasant dreams in which I was helpless in some way or another. There might be a bad guy who I'd have to fight, and my punches and kicks did absolutely nothing. Or I would try to run from a foe and suddenly my legs moved as if stuck in mud. Or I was eternally running and hiding from zombies, who were slow but somehow always eventually caught up to me, ensuring I could never stop running and hiding.

      I lived with a lot of fear and I felt pretty helpless throughout my entire childhood. After high school, I started to consciously tackle my fears. I went skydiving and bungee jumping, and learned how to swim. I went on a few dates, which I'd never done. And not coincidentally, the helpless dreams went away around that time.

  4. I didn't realize until listening to the episode that one my tracks was being played. It was a nice surprise thanks!

    1. I meant to post this under episode 24 sorry my bad.

  5. So "Endless Dream" from FFX reminded me of the Nights: Into Dreams ending music; there were similar chord progressions. It's also similar in tone to some of Hisaishi's work on Mononoke. The drum sound is common in a lot of early 90's anime.....I'm guessing those might be reasons it sounded Japanese.

    But if we're talking music here, King Lear from Armored Core 2 was BONK. You're right Josh, it totally sounds western. It's structured around the repetition of a few looping patterns.....but what patterns they are! So good! By far my favorite track of the episode.

  6. To answer the mystery of the banana candy analogy, it was me. I said it. I am banana candy!