Friday, December 18, 2015

B2: Utilities Upgrade

Well, Josh did it. He convinced Emily to revisit the dungeon and bring some tracks of her own, but she also brought some other stuff that maybe he hadn't counted on. Eavesdrop on their hangout and enjoy their selections!

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament
Sisyphus' Stage Miki Higashino
MagMax Stage 1 Unknown
Sonic Adventure Red Mountain 1 Jun Senoue, Fumie Kumatani, Kenichi Tokoi, Masaru Setsumaru
Sengoku Mahjong ??? Unknown

Images referred to:
Capcom Sound Team
Mag Max


  1. That jukebox you two found is freaking me out, man!
    I hate to kill the mystique, but it looks to me like the Capcom sound team was at a ryokan ('travel lodge') in the picture you were talking about. Also, it's unlikely that ramen was on the menu; Was probably something like grilled fish, rice, and tsukemono.

    1. No, it was ramen. In a bowling alley. Just because you're fluent in Japanese, you think you know everything! Sheesh.

      ... :)

    2. I'm sowee. :( I hear tell that it's something I'm liable to become afflicted with: The curse of the electrical engineer. Oooo~ooo~ooooh (you can't hear it, but I'm also waving around a sheet of tin foil). I'll try to keep a lid on it. v_v
      Live the dream, man!

  2. Emily, you are bringing back long-suppressed memories with your Sonic track. I wasn't too interested in games after the Saturn died, so I didn't have much interest when the Dreamcast was announced. A friend in the Navy ended up giving me his Japanese Dreamcast, and although Pen Pen Tricelon and Power Stone were okay, I didn't play the thing all that much. The threat of the looming PS2 felt awfully familiar to the Saturn vs. PSX launch, so I had decided to stay out of the whole thing.

    I was surprised in the ensuing months when a lot of my friends were really enthusiastic about the pending DC American launch, including some that had previously been die hard Nintendo or Sony fans. Long story short, I started playing my DC, and at no time did I have as much fun as with Sonic Adventure(although I liked 2 a whole lot as well).

    There were a lot of complaints about the camera, and although it could sometimes be frustrating compared to Super Mario 64, it was the first game that truly felt like something far beyond the previous generation. I believe I even forced myself to play all the Chao games, although I have no idea now as to the point of it all. But thanks for reminding me of the fun I had with that game, which ended up being a year or two before I decided to stop trying to keep up with the endless flow of games, each demanding more time to play than I had to spend.

    1. What a cool story, N.AKA.UN!

      That Mario 64 camera was totally frustrating too. It was something so many games of this time struggled with. 3D was the new frontier and no one really knew exactly where they were going!

      Did you ever put your Chao in the VMU? I did, and took them on long family car trips. I loved that.

    2. Wow, my acrostic looks almost like Naka-Kun, which is what I would call Sonic's creator if I was also awesome. But I do not contain merely some awe, I am full of awe. I am awful.

  3. Sonic Adventure. Yes. Let's talk more about that game.

    1. Feel free to start a discussion!

      I straight-up love the game. It gets a lot of flack, and it definitely has its issues, but I thought the storyline splitting by character was particularly brilliant. It was weird to see Sonic in a setting with people besides Robotnik after being raised on the Archie Comics and SatAM show, but for the most part they kept the humans out of it in the first installment. I think it worked. The environment felt huge, intriguing... it obviously didn't feel like classic Sonic, but it was a separate manifestation that stood on its own, I think. Kinda like how the Ninja Turtles keep getting reinvented over and over.

      Also, gliding around as Knuckles was pretty much the coolest. Plus, there were some seriously sweet jams in there. E-102 Gamma's theme? Tikal's theme? The Skydeck music? The reappearance of the title theme from Sonic 3D Blast? Good stuff. This was another soundtrack I recorded to cassette (except I had to pick and choose selections this time... they wouldn't all fit!).

      Oops. I guess I started the discussion, huh.