Friday, September 4, 2015

Ep. 04: Full of Bologna

This episode of the VGM Jukebox is 100% powered by listener suggestions!  Drop in and jam out to a setlist that includes tunes from systems never before featured on the podcast, then marvel at our listeners' various meat-related monikers.

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This episode was made possible by:
Game Track Title Composer(s)
Elebits Shopping in Style Naoyuki Sato, Michiru Yamane
Battletoads & Double Dragon On da Missle
(Stage 5)
David Wise
Phantasy Star IV Organic Beat Izuho ‘Ippo’ Takeuchi
Resident Evil: Director’s Cut Mansion Basement Takashi Niigaki*
Jurassic Park Visitor's Center Masayuki Nagao
Jack Bros. Staff Roll Hiroyuki Yanada

...and listeners like YOU.

Be sure to drop in again on the next gathering at the VGM Jukebox.  You'll be a regular before you know it.

*Note: This track was officially credited to Mamoru Samuragochi, but it's now known that Samuragochi had commissioned other musicians to compose his work. Josh and Emily address this controversy during the episode.


  1. Another great episode guys! Thanks so much for playing my recommendation! You can always tell a Sega fan when they call it the Virtua Boy (Thanks a lot Yu Suzuki!). Keep the tunes rolling guys and can't wait for the next episode! Cheers!

    1. If only you knew how thoroughly that Jack Bros. tune got stuck in my head!

  2. Love the intros to these episodes! Keep them coming and I'll keep listening!

  3. The skits are so adorable. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. brent and rob sent me good show.

  5. Cool info "behind the music" on the Resident Evil track! Keep doing background stories in the future if you can.